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Suspicious vehicle, unconscious female leads to drug and gun arrest
Porterdale arrest

PORTERDALE, Ga. – A check of a suspicious vehicle parked outside a business by the Porterdale Police Department (PPD) late Monday night resulted in the arrest of a woman passed out inside it and took a stolen gun, fake money and a lot of drugs of the street.

According to the PPD incident report, Cpl. Charles Cook was patrolling businesses at South Broad Street and Crowell Road Sept. 18 at 11:45 p.m. when he observed a dark color vehicle backed up to the Chevron gas station in front of the carwash bay. As Cook drove past the vehicle to check the side of the building, he shined his spotlight into the vehicle and observed a female in the passenger seat with the seat laid back.

Tabbetha Daniels
Tabbetha Daniels

The female, later identified as 30-year-old Tabbetha Daniels, of Monroe, reportedly did not respond as the light crossed her face. According to the report, as Cook walked toward the vehicle to investigate, it appeared that Daniels was not breathing and her complexion had two different skin colors. As he continued to look inside the vehicle, Cook observed that Daniels was breathing shallow. He reportedly also observed several half-scratched lottery tickets in her lap and a busted steering column on the vehicle. Daniels also reportedly had the vehicle’s owner’s manual in her lap and an unzipped purse next to her.

Cook knocked on the car window with his flashlight and Daniels reportedly lifted her head, looked at him and went back to sleep. She did this three or four times before finally waking up. According to the report, once she woke up, Daniels placed the owner’s manual in her purse and zipped it before opening the door. Once the door was open, Cook observed a pink handgun in the passenger door pocket.

When asked her name and date of birth, Daniels reportedly provided false information.  The name she gave came back with no warrants.  According to the report, when Cook asked Daniels what she was doing at the location, she did not provide any clear answers. 

Cook asked dispatch to contact the registered owner of the vehicle. When contacted, the owner reportedly told dispatch she did not know the people who had possession of the vehicle.

While Cook was dealing with Daniels, Officer Matt Munger made contact with the male a witness had identified as the driver of the vehicle. The male, identified as 36-year-old Keyonest Brown of Social Circle, was reportedly inside the Chevron at the slot machines. According to the report, Munger asked Brown to step outside. Once outside, Brown denied being the driver of the car and reportedly told Munger that Daniels’ boyfriend, who he did not know, was the driver.

Keyonest Brown
Keyonest Brown

While Munger was speaking with Brown, Cook advised him of the gun in the door pocket. Munger reportedly observed Brown acting extremely nervous, with his voice shaky and his hands trembling. According to the report, Brown consented to be searched by Munger. In Brown’s right, front pocket was a Newport cigarette pack. Inside the pack, Munger reportedly observed a baggie with a large amount of methamphetamine in it.

As Munger was attempting to handcuff him, Brown reportedly attempted to bring his left hand around the front towards his waistband. Not knowing if he was armed, Munger forced Brown to the front of his patrol vehicle and gave verbal commands to give him the other hand, which Brown did. According to the report, once Brown was handcuffed and searched, Munger found the key to the vehicle. He also located a second bag with a large amount of methamphetamine in the cigarette pack.

After being read his Miranda Rights, Brown reportedly agreed to speak with Munger. He denied knowing what was in the cigarette pack and said he just picked it up when he got out of the vehicle.

Once Brown was secured in Munger’s patrol vehicle, he and Cook removed Daniels from the vehicle and conducted an inventory. According to the report, Cook ran the serial number for the pink handgun and it came back stolen out of Newton County.

As Cook and Munger attempted to place Daniels in handcuffs, she reportedly said “no” and started to run. According to the report, she was redirected to the front of a patrol car and placed in handcuffs. Once she was secured, Daniels was offered medical attention which she reportedly declined.

While checking her purse, Cook reportedly located a wallet with identification with the name Tabbetha Daniels on it. According to the report, when confronted with the ID, Daniels admitted who she was and stated that she was unclear if she had any outstanding warrants.  Also in the wallet were three counterfeit $20 bills. Two of the bills reportedly had the same serial number.

Cook also found a black zippered pouch in the purse that contained a large bag of methamphetamine, multiple empty baggies and a digital scale. A bag of brown powder substance that Daniels identified as burnet methamphetamine was also located in the bag. The brown substance was later field tested and reportedly tested positive for heroin.

According to the report, when Daniels actual name was checked through dispatch, she returned with a confirmed outstanding warrant for probation violation. She then reportedly admitted that she was a convicted felon and that her original offense was possession of dangerous drugs.

Brown and Daniels were transported to the Newton County Law Enforcement Center in separate vehicles without incident. Brown was charged with possession with the intent to distribute methamphetamine. According to the report, due to the violation taking place at a public establishment and within the city limits of Porterdale which is designated as a drug-free commercial zone, Brown was also charged with possession with the intent to distribute drugs in a drug-free commercial zone.

Daniels was charged with Violation of Georgia Controlled Substances Act (VGCSA) possession of methamphetamine, VGCSA possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, theft by receiving stolen property, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, VGCSA trafficking heroin, VGCSA possession of heroin with intent to distribute, forgery 2nd degree, giving false name and date of birth, possession of contraband with intent to distribute within a drug-free commercial zone and outstanding VOP warrant.