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Stolen cards used to purchase pizzas
Domino's, a pizza restauraunt chain, located at 4137 U.S. Highway 278 in Covington. - photo by Caitlin Jett

COVINGTON, Ga. — A Domino's delivery man had a pizza stolen from him on Sunday night, Jan. 12, while making a delivery on Jefferson Village Drive in Covington, authorities said.

While attempting to deliver a pizza on Jefferson Village Drive, the delivery man made contact with the subject, described as an "unknown black male in his late teens, early 20's," according to the Covington Police Department incident report. The report added the subject was "dressed in all black."

The subject asked the delivery man for the receipt, and as the the pizza bag was opened, the subject grabbed the pizza and ran behind the house, according to the report. It was noted in the report the delivery man did not believe the subject lived at the house.

The CPD was advised by the Domino's staff the same phone number used to place the Jan. 12 order was also used for an order on Jan. 11, according to the report. 

The Jan. 11 order was to be delivered to an address on Jefferson Village Drive, however, a Missouri male contacted Domino's in reference to a fraud alert on his phone for a pizza he did not order, according to the report. 

The report stated the person, who originally ordered pizza on Jan. 12, did not call about the location of their pizza.