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Shopper reportedly assaulted in sugar aisle at Walmart

COVINGTON, Ga. – A man told Covington police he was assaulted in the sugar aisle while shopping at Walmart late Friday night, according to a Covington Police Department incident report.

The victim said he was shopping at the store on Industrial Boulevard around 11:30 p.m. July 13 when the incident occurred.

He reportedly told police he entered the aisle not too long after the suspect who asked him if “he was looking for something with sugar” before suddenly striking him from behind.

The victim told police that as he fell to the ground, he covered his pockets so the suspect could not attempt to take anything. After the suspect struck the victim a couple of more times, the victim said he asked him, “What’s your problem man?”

As the suspect was leaving the aisle, he reportedly turned around and assumed an aggressive fighting stance.

According to the report, the suspect is described as a skinny, light skinned black male with dreads in a ponytail. He was last seen wearing a white t-shirt, and blue jean pants.

The victim told police he followed the suspect to the parking lot and saw him get into a blue unknown model vehicle with a blue tag.

Police reportedly reviewed video footage from the time of the incident with store management.

According to the report, EMS responded to the scene but the victim refused treatment.

A CPD spokesman said there are no suspects in the assault.