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Purse taken from car at Post Office

COVINGTON, Ga. – A woman told Covington Police (CPD) that somebody broke her car window and stole her purse from under a blanket in the backseat Wednesday afternoon while she went into the post office.

According to the CPD incident report, the woman said she parked her 2010 Honda Pilot on the right side of the parking lot facing the building on Stallings Street in downtown Covington before 3 p.m. Sept. 13 and went into the post office for five to 10 minutes.

When she returned to her car and looked behind her to back up, she reportedly noticed that somebody had broken out the right rear window of her car. According to the report, she looked under a blanket on the backseat and did not see her brown Coach purse.

The purse reportedly contained the victim’s driver’s license, debit cards and other forms of ID as well as $100 cash.