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PPD arrests two after speeding leads to drug charges

The Porterdale Police Department (PPD) was able to arrest a man and a woman with outstanding warrants after initially conducting a traffic stop for speeding April 7.

According to his report, PPD Officer Matt Munger was conducting speed checks on the Hwy-162 Connector when he noticed a vehicle traveling 53 mph in a 35 mph zone.

Munger conducted a traffic stop and approached the vehicle. The driver, identified as Tina Hope Russell, 45, of Atlantic City, New Jersey, reportedly told the officer she did not realize how fast she was going. The passenger of the vehicle was identified as Albert Brian Bowker, 45, of Snellville.

While completing the traffic citation, Munger was notified by Newton County Dispatch that both Bowker and Russell had active warrants.

Munger reported Russell acting nervous during the traffic stop.

“She even went on to say that she was always nervous around police,” Munger reported.

Russell told the officer she was a recovering crack addict but claimed to not have any drugs in her possession.

Munger placed Bowker under arrest for his outstanding warrants and located a bag of suspected cocaine in his front pocket before searching the rest of the vehicle.

While conducting his search, Munger located a pack of Marlboro 100’s cigarettes in Russell’s purse. Inside the cigarette pack, he found three cut straws about three inches long and two razor blades.

“Based off my training and experience, I recognized the straws to be consistent with ones commonly used to snort cocaine,” Munger reported. “The razors are also commonly used to cut the cocaine into powder so it can be snorted.”

According to the report, when Munger held the straws up to a light he noticed suspect cocaine residue.

Russell was placed under arrest and charged with speeding, driving while license suspended, possession of cocaine and possession of drug-related objects. Bowker was charged with two active warrant and possession of cocaine.