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Newton sheriff's office warns of counterfeit money left on vehicles
Counterfeit money

COVINGTON, Ga. -- Newton County Sheriff's Office says it has received reports of people finding counterfeit money underneath the windshield wiper of their vehicles which are parked in their driveway. 

"The counterfeit money will appear to look authentic, and may even feel authentic," the sheriff's office reported on its Facebook page.

"At this time, we are unsure of the motive. We advise all citizens to not immediately approach their vehicle if they see something like this; instead, call 911 and report suspicious activity."

County Commissioner Alana Sanders said she was one of the victims.

"Pulling up in my driveway to go into my garage, this is what I see on the vehicle I keep outside," Sanders wrote on her Facebook page, in reference to money placed under the windshield wiper.

"So, I called a friend on video to watch me pull this from under the wiper because this is the oddest thing. Not only does it look authentic, it felt the same as real money. 

"The only way I knew it was fake, there was a small label at the bottom that said, "copy," which means whoever placed this on the windshield wanted me to see it and to get out of my vehicle.

"If you see something like this, do not instantly get out of your vehicle; especially at night. Report it to authorities. Please be safe and God bless everyone."