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Newton County Jail Log - Sept. 5
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o Amy Marie Herring, 27, Jasper, Aug. 25. Probation violation.

o Chancey Siquaze Hope, 26, Stone Mountain, Aug. 31. Probation violation.

o Ticirica Shalamoan Howard, 20, 8119 Moore St, Covington, Aug. 28. Probation violation.

o Calvin Vernon Jones, 48, 10124 Broken Branch Court, Covington, Aug. 26. Probation violation.

o Nathaniel Jordan, 45, Vidalia, Aug. 31. Probation violation.

o Kavbarrio Maurice Leslie, 19, 45 Cheyenne Dr., Covington, Aug. 26. Probation violation.

o Matthew Shane Lester, 27, 5608 Salem Road, Covington, Aug. 28. Terroristic threats and acts.

o Jon Gerrard Lewandowski, 51, 109 George St., Oxford, Aug. 26. Probation violation.

o Eddie Jerome Lowe, 34, Ellenwood, Aug. 31. Probation violation.

o Abrina Edith Martin, 50, 9 Maple St., Porterdale, Aug. 31. Probation violation.

o Melvin Joseph Mayberry, 20, 255 Lake Side Circle, Covington, Aug. 27. Criminal trespass Family Violence Act.

o Vincent Emmett McIvery, 39, 9161 City Pond Road, Covington, Aug. 29. Five counts failure to appear.

o Stanley Lee Nolley, 54, 95 East Keel St., Oxford, Aug. 31. Theft by taking (auto).

o Jamie Dwayne page, 34, 263 Mabry Road, Covington, Aug. 31. Probation violation.

o Anthony Cheyenne Pilgrim, 30, 1375 Jersey Social Circle Road, Covington, Aug. 27. Two counts child support default.

o David Matthew Rodman, 21, 378 Jersey Road, Oxford, Aug. 29. DUI less safe first offense, improper lane usage, open container, operation of vehicle with or current plate, expired plate (first offense), driving without headlights when raining.

o Ismael Reyeyes Rodriquez, 31, 575 Myrtle Grove Lane, Covington, Aug. 29. Speeding, DUI first offense, following too closely, license required (surrender of).

o Dequintis Darelle Russell, 17, 7119 Pineview Dr., Covington, Aug. 31. Court sentenced.

o Kenyatta Monique Simmons, 25, 70 Sable Circle, Covington, Aug. 256. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, terroristic threats and acts.

o Phillip Simms, 41, Conyers, Aug. 31. Child support default.

o Henry Andrew Sneed, 29, 169 A Mount Tabor Road, Covington, Aug. 27. Deposit account fraud.

o Phillip CB Stringer, 28, Decatur, Aug. 31. Probation violation.

o Johnny Gary Taylor, 60, 330 County Line Road, Mansfield, Aug. 31. Unlawful conduct during 911 call.

o Brandon Kyle Todd, 20, 200 Dairylane Dr., Covington, Aug. 28. Duty upon striking unattended vehicle, DUI per se.

o Orlando Torres, 23, 9161 City Pond Road, Covington, Aug. 28. DUI first offense, improper lane usage, DUI less safe.

o Michael Perkins Watson, 47, 133 Sidney Lanier Dr., Oxford, Aug. 25. Probation violation, contempt of court.

o Reginald Woodard, 42, Atlanta, Aug. 25. First degree forgery, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, printing, executing, negotiating checks knowing information in error.

o William Edward Yates, 45, 11597 Ga. Highway 36, Covington, Aug. 25. Terroristic threats and acts.

o Arthaliel Joseph Aquart, 30, 6337 Avery St., Covington, Aug. 28. License required (surrender of), no seat belts.

o Toyous Raneard Avery, 35, 313 Lynn Dr., Covington, Aug. 25. Abandonment of dependent child.

o Gabriel Fadian Avril, 32, Conyers, Aug. 29. Court sentenced to 48 hours.