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Newton County Jail Log - Oct. 31
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David Brian Minor, 39, Conyers, Oct. 13. Theft by shoplifting.

Dianne Elizabeth Minor, 66, Conyers, Oct. 13. Theft by shoplifting.

Sherrie Dianne Minor, 38, Conyers, Oct. 13. Theft by shoplifting.

Felicia Ann Nelson, 20, 3200 Salem Road, Apt. A-574, Covington, Oct. 11. Hold for Riverdale Police Department.

Donta Deshone Nesmith, 36, 6128 Johnson Drive, Covington, Oct. 17. Driving while license suspended.

Jeffrey Britton Norman, 35, 106 E. Bonnell St., Oxford, Oct. 13. Disorderly conduct.

James Perry Norrington, 20, 208 Oxford Road, Oxford, Oct. 14. Driving while license suspended, fleeing or attempting to elude, no proof of insurance.

Patsy Florinne Nunn, 48, Milner, Oct. 13. Battery.

Juan Padilla Olivares, 29, Atlanta, Oct. 12. Contempt of court.

Joshua Mitchell Owenby, 24, 10196 Fieldcrest Walk, Covington, Oct. 15. Court sentenced.

Marian Denise Perry, 52, Lithonia, Oct. 12. Disorderly conduct.

Stephen Clay Pierce, 31, 25 Oak Meadows Place, Covington, Oct. 11. Disorderly conduct. Wayne Barton Porter, 51, 255 Ga. Highway 212, Covington, Oct. 12.
Probation violation.

Michael Jason Reason, 40, 120 Meadow Ridge Drive, Covington, Oct. 16. Court sentenced to work release.

Michael Anthony Reynolds, 49, 3817 Maggie Drive, Covington, Oct. 11. Failure to appear.

Iyana Simeone Scarboro, 17, 70 Woodcliff Way, Covington, Oct. 12. Theft by shoplifting.

Gavin Aaron Smith, 21, 90 Jericho Drive, Covington, Oct. 10. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Ringo Starr Stevens, 47, Cedartown, 47, Oct. 16. Probation violation.

Brittany Kentavius Strong, 21, 1050 A Spillers Drive, Covington, Oct. 16. Battery.

Robert Shawn Terry, 44, Locust Grove, Oct. 17. Abandonment of dependent child.

Chantiesha Meoshae Thomas, 17, 220 Mountain Ridge, Covington, Oct. 10. Aggravated assault, contempt of superior court.

Bryant Dale Tiggs, 52, Conyers, Oct. 10. Leaving the scene of accident, disobeying a traffic device, DUI, failure to stop.

Jordan Mark Trippe, 20, Conyers, Oct. 14. Drinking under age, driving without license, stop signs and yield signs, DUI.

Deonte Williams Weaver, 22, 5117A Bede Drive, Covington, Oct. 13. Windshields and windshield wipers, DUI, required position and methods of, noise violation, notice of change of address.

Brenda Lee Wilson, 49, Orangeburg, S.C., Oct. 12. Speeding, driving while license suspended.

Nkeijo Jamayne Wright, 37, Lithonia, Oct. 12. Driving while license suspended, speeding.

Todd Cameron Zerges, 41, Stone Mountain, Oct. 12. Driving without headlights, driving while license suspended.

Rhonda Sue Davidson, 41, 840 Oakhill Road, Covington, Oct. 19. Disorderly conduct.

Kenny Edward Dexter, 43, McDonough, Oct. 17. Contempt of court.

Nancy Fabiola Fajardo, 33, 1891 Access Road, No. 121, Covington, Oct. 19. driving while license suspended, speeding in school zone.

Gerald Ray Fleming, 43, 608 County Line Road, Covington, Oct. 18. Financial transaction card.

Jody Wade Floyd, 41, 1202 Flat Shoals Road, Covington, Oct. 22. Theft by deception.

Denise Renee Glanton, 51, 140 Gibson Way, Covington, Oct. 18. Hold for other agency.

Sean Christopher Godwin, 20, Tuscaloosa, Ala., Oct. 19. Driving while license suspended, speeding.

Alton Eugene Handfield, 49, 360 Hazelhurst Drive, Covington, Oct. 19. Contempt of court.

Donald Heath Hardigree, 38, 110 Chimney Court, Covington, Oct. 20. Possession of marijuana.

Jessie Cordavious Henderson, 19, 7134 Puckett St., Covington, Oct. 19. Probation violation.

Hope Shanta Horton, 17, 30 Windridge Drive, Covington, Oct. 17. Possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct.

Tyesha Dierra Horton, 17, 101128 Wellington Ridge D, Covington, Oct. 17. Possession of marijuana.

Darrell Heath Hutchinson, 21, 771 Rocky Point Road, Covington, Oct. 17. Hold for other agency.

Lucky Huynh, 17, 5114 Haynes Court, Covington, Oct. 19. Criminal trespass.

Caley Patrick Jackson, 21, 125 Dunning Keep, Covington, Oct. 22. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Tyler Shane Jackson, 18, 397 Ridgeway Road, Covington, Oct. 17. Theft by shoplifting.

Floyd Xavier Jacobs, 42, 20 Rasper Drive, Covington, Oct. 18. Battery, cruelty to children.

Dexter Lamar Jones, 26, 3119 Bohannon St., Covington, Oct. 22. Sale of marijuana.

Dexter Lamar Jones, 46, Conyers, Oct. 18. Probation violation.

Gary Lee Keller, 31, 295 Lang Road, Covington, Oct. 21. Driving while license suspended, improper lane usage, DUI.

Samuel Quadrelle King, 26, 270 Long Creek Drive, Covington, Oct. 20. Hold for Stone Mountain Police Department.

Tennyson Larry Knight, 22, 150 Cross Road, Covington, Oct. 21. No proof of insurance, no seat belts.

Neko Pierre Lawrence, 24, Conyers, Oct. 17. Affixing tint to windows, no driver's license, possession of marijuana.

Karla Macis Martinez, 31, Loganville, Oct. 22. Failure to yield, driving without license.

Derrick Michael O'Neal McKibben, 26, 6128 Holmes Court, Covington, Oct. 17. Local ordinance.

Marcus Leonard Mundy, 30, homeless, Covington, Oct. 21. Theft by shoplifting.

Donta Deshone Neshmith, 36, 6128 Johnson Drive, Covington, Oct. 17. Driving while license suspended.

John Philip Owens, 62, 643 Harold Dobbs Road, Oct. 20. No seat belts, DUI, open container.

Stephanine White Paden, 37, Monticello, Oct. 20. Theft by deception.

Humberto Molina Perez, 35, 8102 McCullough Drive, Covington, Oct. 18. Contempt of court.

Harvey Leon Pressley, 49, Conyers, Oct. 23. No proof of insurance.

Luis Alejandro Rivera, 23, 5168 Wheat St., Covington, Oct. 23. Public drunkenness.

Bradley Wayne Roberts, 46, 9141 Puckett St., Covington, Oct. 19. Theft by shoplifting.

Daniel Audrey Rykhlova, 22, 45 Pebble Brooke Pass, Covington, Oct. 20. Public drunk.

Deonte Gerrod Sellers, 22, 35 Aspen Drive, Covington, Oct. 20. DUI, improper lane usage.

Bobby Howard Simons, 53, Charleston, S.C., Oct. 19. DUI, possession of marijuana less than one ounce, improper lane usage.

Christopher Curtis Smith, 42, 25 Green Gables Drive, Covington, oct. 21. Family Violence Act simple battery, third degree cruelty to children.

Ronnie Deon Smith, 33, 10111 Morris Drive, Covington, Oct. 18. Hold for Morgan County.

Shanti Roshell Tate, 28, 35 Milton Drive, Covington, Oct. 20. Theft by shoplifting.

Robert Shawn Terry, 44, Locust Grove, Oct. 17. Abandonment of dependent child.

Kelsie Cortez Thomas, 21, 850 Oak St., Covington, Oct. 18. Family Violence Act criminal trespass, criminal damage to property.

Andres Savinon Vergara, 33, 135 Oak Hill Road, Covington, Oct. 22. Speeding, driving without a license.