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Newton County Jail Log - Oct. 26
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Rebic Stephens Jr., 48, Griffin, Oct. 12. Probation violation.

Anthony Eugene Thomas, 36, 7105 Greenway Lane, Covington, Oct. 12. Probation violation.

Isaac Curtis Thomas, 25, Stockbridge, Oct. 12. Sentenced to work release.

Daisha Mercedes Valentino, 19, 60 Falls Crossing, Covington, Oct. 16. Probation violation.

Gregory Alexander Vereen, 40, 7133 Turner Lake Circle, Covington, Oct. 12. Parole violation.

Michael Shawn Watson, 39, Alcovy Mobile Home park, Lot 27, Covington, Oct. 15. Terroristic threats and acts.

Robert Timothy Wheeler, 29, Lithonia, Oct. 14. Sentenced to work release.

Andre Bernard White, 38, 6209 Petty St., Covington, Oct. 14. Probation violation.

Bernard Andre White, 38, 6209 Petty St., Covington, Oct. 14. Probation violation.

Randy William Wilson, 35, Mableton, Oct. 11. Probation violation.

Tammy Renae Wilson, 42, Dalton, Oct. 11. Failure to appear.

Tony Terrell Atwater, 21, 5142 Johnson Drive, Covington, Oct. 11. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, no proof of insurance.

Brian Eugene Bailey, 44, Jonesboro, Oct. 13. Failure to appear, surety offense.

Kristopher Keith Beggs, 26, 35 Riverbend Drive, Covington, Oct. 13. Aggravated battery, third degree cruelty to children, second degree criminal damage to property.

Andre Marsalis Belcher, 19, 95 Rolling Ridge Drive, Covington, Oct. 14. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Tonya Elaine Blair, 35, 7144 Harmony Place, Covington, Oct. 16. Giving false name or address to law enforcement officer, driving while license suspended or revoked first offense.

Rejodnis Undez Bradley, 42, Conyers, Oct. 11. Driving without license, driving without headlights in the dark.

Amanda Elaine Carter, 25, Social circle, Oct. 14. Serving 13 hours.

Dekedrick O'Neal Dyer, 23, 320 Oak Hill Circle, Covington, Oct. 15. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce, failure to stop at stop sign.

Shalie Danielle East, 18, Social Circle, Oct. 11. Theft by shoplifting.
Carey Damon Evans, 45, Decatur, Oct. 12. Theft by taking.

Geoffrey Scott Fleming, 39, 265 Mountain View Drive, Covington, Oct. 12. Violation of temporary protection order.

Destine Ashalique Franklin, 21, 40 B Plum Orchard Drive, Covington, Oct. 13. Hold for DeKalb County.

Sergio Garcia, 39, Conyers, Oct. 16. Public drunk.

Ashlee Rene Harris, 23, 385 Stone Lea Drive, Oxford, Oct. 14. Hold for Jasper County.

Ralph Michael Herring, 54, 9220 Spillers Drive, Covington, Oct. 13. Conyers Police warrant.

Davon Bernard Jefferson, 31, 9149 Tara Lane, Covington, Oct. 15. DUI less safe, improper stopping on highway.

Joel Adam Johnson, 31, 11 Bay St., Porterdale, Oct. 13. Possession of Schedule I & II drug (methamphetamine).

Jennifer Brookins McGahee, 30, 4260 Jersey Covington Road, Covington, Oct. 13. First degree forgery.

Mark Howard Mullinax, 37, 167 Livingston Lake, Covington, Oct. 11. Family violence Act simple assault, FVA criminal damage to property in second degree, FVA criminal trespass, aggravated assault.

Shaun Elite Patterson, 32, 180 Oak Manor Drive, Covington, Oct. 16. Improper lane usage, DUI first offense.

Yvonne Medina Prado, 36, 35 River Crest Lane, Covington, Oct. 13. Hold for Fayette County.

Stephanie Joiner Puckett, 38, 655 Mason Drive, Covington, Oct. 12. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, influencing witnesses.

Thomas Wallace Ralston, 40, 55 Ashton Court, Covington, Oct. 12. Terroristic threats and acts.

Coleman Robert Sigman, 70, 5104 Mill St., Covington, oct. 12. False statements in matters within jurisdiction of state, theft by taking, criminal trespass.

Eric Christopher Simmons Jr., 18, 263 Rocky Plains Road, Covington, Oct. 11. Possession of Schedule IV controlled substance.

Dane Jack Smith, 34, 5129 Worsham St., Covington, Oct. 15. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Christopher Demetris Stodghill, 34, 40 Rosemoore Drive, Covington, Oct. 15. Driving while license suspended or revoked first offense, no seat belts.