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Newton County Jail Log-Oct. 15
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Michael Scott Kinna, 49, Conyers, Oct. 5. Deposit account fraud.

Derrick Rashawn Laguin, 27, Madison, Oct. 5. Failure to appear.

Glenford Nathaniel Larman, 35, Lithonia, Oct. 1. Contempt of court.

Dakota Rafeal Lester, 22, 6348 Turner Lake Road, Covington, Sept. 29. Driving without license, noise violation.

Michael Anthony Lester Jr., 28, 5608 Salem Road, Covington, Sept. 29. Criminal damage to property, simple battery.

Tracy McKibben, 42, 5143 Mill St., Covington, Oct. 2. Public drunkenness.

Lasheane Christie Miller, 30, Decatur, Oct. 4. Theft by shoplifting.

Katie Lynn Moss, 24, 350 McDonald Road, Covington, Sept. 29. Hindering apprehension or punishment.

Jason Anthony Nickerson, 23, Conyers, Sept. 29. Probation violation.

Javonte Demarcus Norfleet, 18, Conyers, Sept. 30. Criminal trespass.

Robert Lee Powell, 29, Tampa, Fla., Sept. 30. Driving while license suspended, speeding.

John Garrison Quinton, 18, Conyers, Sept. 30. Theft by receiving stolen property.

Luis Humberto Ruiz-Avila, 54, 116 Oxford Court, Oxford, Sept. 29. Driving without license, driving without headlight.

Donald Hugh Sams, 57, 5172 Forest Drive, Covington, Sept. 30. DUI per se, stop signs and yield signs.

Richard Patrick Scott, 34, Boulder City, Nev., Oct. 2. Drugs to be kept in original container, improper lane usage, no tag lights.

Tonya Ann Sexton, 29, 350 Butler Bridge Circle, Covington, Oct. 4. Family Violence Act battery, third degree cruelty to children.

Hayden Russell Singleton, 17, 80 Kirkland Court, Covington, Oct. 5. Robbery, battery.

Gregory Lewis Smith, 20, 133 Taunton Road, Covington, Oct. 2. Probation violation.

Justin Kenner Smith, 21, 2135 Gum creek Road, Oxford, Oct. 3. Public drunkenness.

Noel Sebastian, 23, Conyers, Oct. 5. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Shameka Nicole Smith, 31, 505 Stone St., Covington, oct. 3. Contempt of court.

Brittany Renee Sobers, 21, 7179 Ga. Highway 212, Covington, Oct. 2. First degree forgery.

James Lee Tollison, 20, 220 Willow Shoals Drive, Covington, Oct. 2. Furnishing to, purchase or possession of alcohol by minor, failure to stop.

Trevor Raymond Walch, 19, 5103 Leafstone Drive, Covington, Oct. 1. DUI alcohol (under 21), driving in circular or zigzag

Ronald Ward, 62, 45 Tempie Road, Covington, Sept. 29. Driving while license suspended, possession of marijuana, open container.

Traion Marwin West, 18, 39 Ridge Road, Covington, Sept. 30. Criminal trespass.

Albert Lee White, 25, Conyers, Oct. 3. Third degree cruelty to children, terroristic threats and acts, family Violence Act battery, interfering with 911 call.

Douglas walker Whitten, 21, 11 Pickens Road, Covington, Oct. 2. Registration and license required, license to be carried and exhibited, possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Tyra Treneka Williams, 34, Decatur, Oct. 5. Theft by shoplifting.

Jason Robert Wright, 27, Conyers, Oct. 3. Driving while license suspended.

Joshua Matthew Benton, 21, Monroe, Oct. 11. Back for court, probation violation.

Kent Lawrence Brooks, 53, 60 Riverbend Court, Covington, Oct. 7. Court sentenced.

o William Asa William, 41, 50 Dearing Cove, Covington, Oct. 10. Child support default.

o Jeffrey Canady, 22, Atlanta, Oct. 6. Failure to appear.

James Edward Clowers, 23, 180 Chimney Court, Covington, Oct. 10. Giving false name or address to law enforcement officer, probation violation.

Dario Cruz, 31, Hopkins, S.C., Oct. 12, DUI less safe first offense, driving without a license (no license on file).

Beverly jean Darnell, 57, Forest Park, Oct. 11. Probation violation.

Alante Monrico Donnell, 21, 9150 Woodhaven Road, Covington, Oct. 10. Criminal damage to property in second degree, disorderly conduct.

Jason Lee Driver, 31, 14 Elm St., Porterdale, Oct. 11. Probation violation.

Briana Jnai Ellis, 19, Lawrenceville, Oct. 11. Probation violation.

Donna Marie Gibbs, 34, Smyrna, Oct. 12. False statements in matters within jurisdiction of state.

Gregory Griffith, 42, 40 Beaverdam Court, Covington, Oct. 7. Probation violation.

Justin Franklin Hanson, 32, Conyers, Oct. 9. Theft by shoplifting.