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Newton County Jail Log - May 20
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Joshua Samuel Arevalo, 27, Clarkston, May 17. Interfering with a 911 call, Family Violence Act battery, third degree cruelty to children, terroristic threats and acts.

Preston Leonard Baccus, 28, 10146 Straphinge Trail, Covington, May 17. Criminal trespass, probation violation.

Derrick Nashaun Belcher, 32, 212 E. Richardson St., Oxford, May 12. Probation Violation.

Jerricas Quinnauntae Benton, 20, 7110 Pine View Drive, Covington, May 16. Armed robbery, intimidation, taking control of substance, hijacking a motor vehicle, aggravated assault. Theft by receiving stolen property, second degree arson, possession of firearm or knife while trying to commit crimes, third degree cruelty to children.

Jason Bishop Boone, 38, Senoia, May 12. Probation Violation.

William Kenneth Bradford, 20, Social Circle, May 12. Court sentenced.

Tobias Marcel Broadwater, 20, 10613 Magnolia Heights Circle, Covington, May 12. Burglary.

Daniel Lamar Brooks, 26, 12515 Ga. Highway 142, Oxford, May 11. Rape.

Anatarious Quantez Bryant, 31, 70 Crooked Creek, Covington, May 14. Disorderly conduct.

Wesley Theron Clark Jr., 21, 135 Jennifer Lane, Covington, May 11. Probation Violation.

Kenneth Cole, 36. St. Thomas, May 11. Possession of firearm or knife while trying to commit crimes, traffic in illegal drug.

Jonathen Corey Daniel, 22, Monroe, May 13. Possession of arms by convicted felons and first offender probationers.

Jeremy Swayde Freeman, 42, 10103 Allen Drive, Covington, May 17. Simple battery, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers.

Chloe Monique Fretwell, 32, Conyers, May 15. Probation Violation.

Robert Alen Gall, 21, Miami, Fla., May 12. Surety bonds, failure to appear.

Althea Callaway Gresham, 49, 30 Mariposa Place, Covington, May 16. Second degree criminal damage to property.

Steven Lance Hamby, 21, 12552 Ga. Highway 142, Lot 23, Oxford, May 16. Failure to appear.

Matthew Dean Hawkins, 36, 220 Townley Road, Oxford, May 17. Four counts child support default.

Melvin Lewis Hight, 17, 10146 Straphinge Trail, Covington, May 17. Bond revoked.

Christina McGiboney Hunt, 45, 1059 Gum Creek Road, Oxford, May 12. Probation violation, first degree forgery.

Veronica Louise Jackson, 23, 10264 Old Atlanta Highway, Covington, May 13. Driving without a license, no license on file, no child restraint (4 years and under), stop signs and yield signs, no proof of insurance.