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Newton County Jail Log - May 15
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o Derrick Deion Stodghill, 35, 50 Otelia Lane, Covington, May 6. Probation violation.
o Matthew Olin Taylor, 27, 116 Oxford Way, Oxford, May 6. Family Violence Act battery, second degree cruelty to children, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, probation violation.
o Melissa Ann Tobarsalas, 34, 7169 Lassiter St., Covington, May 5. Probation violation.
o April Lynn Ward, 30, Social Circle, May 10. Theft by taking.
o Arthur Jerome Williams, 41, 5122 Bede Drive, A, Covington, May 9. Disorderly conduct.
o Najai Rhiyad Williamson, 17, 35 Heaton Place Trail, Covington, May 5. Battery, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, escape.
o Carroll Wesley Allen, 17, 10920 Covington Bypass, Covington, May 5. Disorderly conduct.
o Clayton Stanley Allison, 43, 185 Meadow View Terrace, Oxford, May 4. Contempt of court, no seat belts.
o Tiffani Breanna Austin, 18, 25 Wilmington Drive, Covington, May 10. Theft by shoplifting.
o Michael James Blackmore, 19, 80 Upland Lane, Oxford, May 9. Loitering or prowling, criminal trespass.
o Charlene Ingram Bond, 57, 100 Michael Ryan Drive, Porterdale, May 7. Deposit account fraud.
o Robert Payton Bundy, 20, 8144 Hickory Drive, Covington, May 6. Driving while license suspended.
o Timothy Craig Byrd, 43, Monticello, May 9. Family Violence Act battery.
o Melvin Calvin Carr, 30, 175 Lakeview Trail, Covington, May 7. Family violence Act battery, criminal damage to property.
o Christina Ricquel Carroll, 21, Conyers, May 6. Contempt of court.
o Alicia Marie Cates, 33, Monticello, May 8. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.
o Darrell Allen Clark, 21, 105 Lazy Hollow Lane, Covington, May 5. Entering an auto or other motor vehicle, criminal damage to property.
o Jorda Jontavious Clements, 20, 28 Ivy St., Porterdale, May 5. Theft by shoplifting.
o Jerrica Sha Colyer, 23, 21 Hazel St., Porterdale, May 5. Windshields and windshield wipers, driving while license suspended.
o Bennie Lee Curry, 45, 101 College Walk, Oxford, May 4. Theft by deception.
o Toria Nicole Ferguson, 21, 290 Saratoga Court, Covington, May 6. Contempt of court.
o Rene Lynn Fish, 40, Conyers, May 9. Public drunkenness.
o Trenton Garnett Gude, 44, 4168 Sammar St., Covington, May 9. Family Violence Act battery, open container.
o Jonathan Shane Kenny, 32, 20 Oak Lake Drive, Covington, May 9. Aggravated assault, reckless driving.
o Jonathan Shane Kenny, 32, 20 oak Lake Drive, Covington, May 6. Reckless driving.
o Amber Kirkland, 29, 165 Laurel Way, Covington, May 5. Hold for Oconee County.
o Jeffrey Lynn Leach, 18, Social Circle, May 10. DUI under 21 years, improper lane usage.
o Tonya Jean Livingston, 21, 75 Belmont Circle, Covington, May 7. Disorderly conduct.
o Amber Nicole Mahaffey, 18, 280 McGiboney Road, Covington, May 8. Family Violence Act battery.
o Keith Cornelius Marks, 40, Conyers, May 7. Simple assault.