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Newton County Jail Log - Aug. 21
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William Harold Black, 40, 890 Navajo Trail, Covington, Aug. 14. DUI first offense, possession of marijuana (felony cultivation), Family Violence Act battery, third degree cruelty to children.
Jason Robert Bowling, 30, Monticello, Aug. 14. To serve 24 hours.
Mark Wayne Britt Jr., 22, 80 High Ridge Road, Covington, Aug. 8. Probation violation.
Javaris Jerrod Brown, 24, 7112 Green Acres Drive, Covington, Aug. 14. Child support default.
Jerry Henry Brown, 30, 123 Bear Creek Point, Mansfield, Aug. 10. Probation violation.
David Wayne Bunn Jr., 22, Butts County Jail, Aug. 13. Probation violation.
Javier Centeno-Negrete, 34, 8170 Geiger St., Covington, Aug. 14. License required, surrender of prior licenses.
Donald Wayne Conley, 37, 3401 Ga. Highway 81, Lot 8, Oxford, Aug. 10. Court sentenced to work release.
Michael Andrew Coughlin, 30, Pulaski, Tenn. Aug. 10. Probation violation.
Jermaine Lashawn Dillard, 18, 200 Morning Side Drive, Covington, Aug. 9. Court sentenced.
Myric Keith Dillard, 44, Atlanta, Aug. 10. Probation violation.
Douglas Eugene Duke, 57, 4831 Ga. Highway 212, Covington, Aug. 13. Open container, public drunkenness, public indecency.
David Lydell Dukes, 39, Atlanta, Aug. 13. Probation violation.
Edward Samuel Dukes, 35, 10124 Huntcliff Place, Covington, Aug. 14. Aggravated stalking.
Eugene Durham, 47, 2250 Lee St., Covington, Aug. 8. Probation violation.
Robert Merton Dyche, 53, 4 Willow St., Porterdale, Aug. 10. Probation violation.
Randall Thomas Fogarty, 49, Lawrenceville, Aug. 14. Possession of methamphetamine.
Robert Michael Fox, 42, 11 Bay St., Porterdale, Aug. 11. Probation violation.
Destine Ashalique Franklin, 21, 40B Plum Orchard Drive, Covington, Aug. 14. First degree forgery, probation violation.
Shelby Elaine Galiano, 30, 559 Anderson Creek Drive, Covington, Aug. 13. Theft by shoplifting.
Nicholas Ryan Gay, 18, 64 Poplar St., Porterdale, Aug. 9. Failure to appear.
Mark Stephen Gilbert Jr., 31, 4943 Hull Road, Covington, Aug. 11. Probation violation.
Justin Terrell Green, 23, 3105 Hendrix, Covington, Aug. 10. Theft by shoplifting.
Jeremiah Gerome Harris, 40, 160 Old River Road, Covington, Aug. 11. DUI first offense, open container, brake lights and turn signals required.
Randall Craig Hegwood, 31, Rutledge, Aug. 13. Probation violation.
Stephen Lewis Hulsey, 53, Cleveland, Aug. 10. Driving while license suspended or revoked first offense, defective equipment.
Candace Ann Jackson, 19, Loganville, Aug. 14. Surety offense, surety offense, bench warrant.
Janis John Jackson, 23, 231 Bullock Road, Covington, Aug. 14. Bench warrant.
Emmett Dewayne Jefferys, 21, 300 Highgrove Drive, Covington, Aug. 10. Contempt of court.
Jerrod Rodricus Jenkins, 21, 9137 Thrash St., Covington, Aug. 9. Two counts probation violation, aggravated assault, cruelty to children, interfering with a 911 call, terroristic threats and acts.
Joseph Allen Jones, 31, 3431 Salem Road, Covington, Aug. 13. Court sentenced.
Donnie Luther Joyce, 41, Monticello, Aug. 8. Dumping, depositing litter on public or private property.
Donovan Steve Junor, 48, 260 Sable Circle, Covington, Aug. 13. Probation violation.
Joseph Wayne Little, 22, 15 Sears Road, Covington, Aug. 8. Court sentenced to work release.
Heather Ditha Maddox, 25, 85 Trelawney Place, Covington, Aug. 13. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, drug related objects.
Demetrius Donta Manuel, 29, Riverdale, Aug. 8. obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, two counts probation violation.
Dianne Elizabeth Minor, 65, Conyers, Aug. 13. Failure to appear.
Angeleina Lee Morris, 20, 35 Hazel St., Porterdale, Aug. 14. Probation violation.
Rodney David Pierce, 43, Atlanta, Aug. 14. Probation violation.
Valencia Micole Pitts, 25, 9141 Puckett St., Covington, Aug. 9. Probation violation.
Brandie Natasha Ramey, 34, Cleveland, Aug. 10. Probation violation.
Matthew Jay Salster, 27, 15 Oak Crest Court, Covington, Aug. 9. Probation violation.
Dennis James Seegars, 48, Riverdale, Aug. 9. Probation violation.
Joshua Jeffrey Shull, 23, 25 Cranbrook Court, Covington, Aug. 10. Court ordered work release.
Notavious Sanchez Smith, 20, 70 Mountain Court, Covington, Aug. 9. Driving while license suspended or revoked first offense, vehicles to drive on righ side of roadway, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, parole violation.
Jerry Dean Thompson Jr., 43, Monroe, Aug. 11. Public drunkenness, possession of marijuana less than one ounce.
Paul David Thompson, 51, 106 Oxford Court, Oxford, Aug. 14. Fail to register sex offenders.
Silas Demarcus Willis, 26, 1280 Kirkland Road, Covington, Aug. 10. Probation violation.
Scott Robert Wilson, 30, Ga. Highway 81, Lot 13, Covington, Aug. 14. Criminal trespass, loitering or prowling.
Kenneth Earl Woods, 51, Decatur, Aug. 11. Probation violation.
Jamal Quintez Wyatt, 232475 Christian Circle, Covington, Aug. 14. Court sentenced 24 hours.
Henry Bartow Almand, 37, 85 Riverbend Drive, Covington, Aug. 10. Possession of methamphetamine.
John Timothy Archer, 53, Talbotton, Aug. 12. Public drunkenness.
Russell Thomas Barber, 24, 6B Maple St., Porterdale, Aug. 9. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.
Wiley Joe Battle, 27, Decatur, Aug. 9. Driving while license suspended.
Larry Dylan Blount, 17, 55 Cedar Court, Covington, Aug. 9. Criminal trespass, loitering or prowling, public drunkenness.
Ricia Marie Booth, 25, 90 Spillers Drive, Covington, Aug. 8. Probation violation.
Joshua Dane Castleman, 26, 160 Fincher Road, Covington, Aug. 10. Improper lane usage, possession of marijuana less than one ounce.
Valerie Denise Coes, 42, Conley, Aug. 14. Driving while license suspended, speeding.
Anthony Maurice Cooper, 33, 6137 Pineneedle Drive, Covington, Aug. 10. Driving while license suspended.