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Newton County Jail Log
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Maurice Fabian Armstead, 30, Covington, Oct 1, Probation Violation

Willie Lamar Avery, 49, Covington, Oct 4, Obstruction of Law Enforcement Officers, Probation Violation

Anthony Wayne Barrington, 28, Porterdale, Oct 3, Probation Violation

Kevis Jamar Bell, 21, Covington, Oct 2, Probation Violation

Brandon Travour Carr, 27, Conyers, Oct 6, Probation Violation

Dewayne Lahshaun Carter, 30, Monticello, Oct 1, Probation Violation

Eddie Joseph Charvarria, 26, Conyers, Oct 6, Probation Violation

Jay Ryan Cheek, 44, Covington, Oct 8, Giving False Info to Law Enforcement, Child Support Default

Steven Cody Christian, 25, Monticello, Oct 2, Child Support Default

Anthony Lee Clifton, 28, Douglasville, Oct 6, Probation Violation

Katie Cook, 32, Oxford, Oct 8, Simple Battery

Tevan Devantae Cooper, 19, Covington, Oct 8, Probation Violation

Kendall Jyraun Cornish, 17, Covington, Oct 8, Criminal Trespass

Donte Kight Dallas, 20, Covington, Oct 3, Probation Violation

Carelius Dmarco Davidson, 33, Covington, Oct 7. Probation Violation

Jeremy Norris Edge, 22, Covington, Oct 1, Failure to Appear

Monica Noel Eggers, 46, Conyers, Oct 8, Probation Violation

Kasey Trae Everette, 24, Douglasville, Oct 6, Probation Violation

Gary Galen Garrett, 35, Lagrange, Oct 7, Probation Violation

Kayla Eugene Gossett, 48, Covington, Oct 6, Probation Violation

Tristian O’Bryan Green, 31, Covington, Oct 6, Probation Violation

Steven Lance Hamby, 24, Jackson, Oct 8, Probation Violation

Kashayla Renee Haynes, 21, Covington, Oct 7, Aggravated Assault

Terra Renee Haynes, 20, Covington, Oct 7, Simple Battery

Jermey Quintrell Howard, 19, Covington, Oct 6, Probation Violation

Amber Natasha Hudson, 37, Covington, Oct 6, Probation Violation

Matthew Earl Johnson, 26, Smyrna, Oct 6, Probation Violation

Michael Anthony Lynch, 35, Covington, Oct 8, Simple Battery

Christopher Adrian McClain, 29, Atlanta, Oct 7, Identity Fraud

Christopher Michael McNabb, 24, Covington, Oct 1, Willful Obstruction of Law Enforcement by Use of Threat

Tiffany Lea Michael, 35, Atlanta, Oct 1, Probation Violation

Derrick Middlebrooks, 48, Jonesboro, Oct 6, Parole Violation, Unauthorized Practice of Law, Driving while License Suspended, Theft by Deception

Chaunelle Nolley, 52, Covington, Oct 7, Aggravated Assault

De’Shon Nicholas Pharr, 17, Covington, Oct 2, Poss of Marijuana

Felicia Ann Rollins, 27, Covington, Oct 6, Probation Violation

Tommy Eugene Salter, 52, Covington, Oct 1, Parole Violation

William Charles Seybold, 37, Covington, Oct 7, Printing/Executing/Negotiating Checks/Drafts

Blessings Lilly Mae Ann Shelley, 19, Stone Mountain, Oct 6, Probation Violation

Thomas Reid Sims, 62, Covington, Oct 2, Probation Violation

Lee Erickson Smith, 50, Covington, Sept 30, Failure to Appear, Probation Violation

Thomas Alvan Stewart, 52, Locust Grove, Oct 3, Probation Violation

Michael Nikeal Thomas, 17, Covington, Oct 6, Child Molestation, Sodomy

Steven Thomas, 49, Covington, Oct 8, Failure to Appear

James Waters Jr., 35, Covington, Oct 4, Probation Violation

Kytrone Ramon Williams, 36, Monticello, Oct 8, Probation Violation

Marteenus Velon Williams, 37, White Plains, Oct 6, Child Support Default

Timothy Wayne Wilson, 43, Mansfield, Oct 3, Probation Violation

Bridrecous Lamonte Aiken, 22, Covington, Oct 2, Probation Violation

Tandra Michelle Anderson, 22, Covington, Oct 5, Obstruction/Hindering Law

Cortney Marie Bell, 21, Covington, Oct 4, Theft by Shoplifting

Bobby Whitfield Burrell, 26, Comming, Oct 5, Failure to Appear

Anthony Valentine Console, 33, Macon, Oct 1, Probation Violation, Child Support Default

Sherrodrick Markel Cook, 17, Covington, Oct 7, Criminal Trespass

Christal Gail Cross, 23, Smyrna, Oct 2, Speeding, Driving while License Suspended

Jasmine Nicole Dallas, 19, Conyers, Oct 3, Failure to Appear

Quinton O’Neal Dennis, 37, Covington, Oct 2, Fleeing or Attempting To Elude a Police, Reckless Driving, Driving While License Suspended

Bridgette Latrice Dixon, 24, Covington, Oct 4, Contempt Of Court

Jeremy Michael Dobbs, 38, Covington, Oct 8, Simple Assault, Cruelty to Children

Geraldine Durham, 49, Covington, Oct 1, Theft by Deception

Timothy Lelan Everson Jr., 26, Covington, Oct 4, Driving While License Suspended

Briant Lacraig Hall, 33, Covington, Oct 3, Probation Violation, Giving False Name/Address

Earl Bernard Hamp Jr., 26, Covington, Oct 1, Vio Ga Unemployment Security Law

Barry Charles Haygood, 50, Porterdale, Oct 2, Battery

Markius Denote Jackson, 18, Lithonia, Oct 1, Deposit Account Fraud

Orlando Islandel Lopez, 22, Atlanta, Oct 3, Driving While License Suspended, No Tail Lights

Kathleen Gilbert Louis, 40, Covington, Oct 8, Theft by Shoplifting

Annie Marie Lucas, 25, Covington, Oct 4, Contempt Of Court

Michael Dwayne Manning, 40, Clarkston, Oct 2, Contempt Of Court

Christian Blair Manson, 26, Mansfield, Oct 2, Driving While License Suspended

Duane Thomas Outlaw, 21, Conyers, Oct 8, Driving While License Suspended

Baron Yshon Reed, 47, Oxford, Oct 5, Criminal Damage to Property Disorderly Conduct

Deandra Naomi Lucille Sears, 20, Covington, Oct 7, Driving While License Suspended, Driving W/O Headlights

Sherry Mary Shepard, 55, Oxford, Oct 7, Theft by Shoplifting

Alexis Enrique Silvestre, 20, Covington, Oct 6, Theft by Shoplifting

Phillip George Sinclair, 37, Loganville, Oct 1, Theft of Service

Jason Smith, 36, Covington, Oct 7, Battery, Cruelty to Children

Jessica Ruth Vason, 21, Conyers, Oct 5, Theft by Shoplifting

Dameran Malique Walton, 19, Covington, Oct 7, Affray

Demetrius Antoine Weaver, 33, Covington, Oct 6, Theft by Conversion

Kourtney Breon Wesley, 24, Pompaso Beach, Oct 2, Financial Transaction Card, Theft by Bringing Stolen Property

Nolando Rechard Jafar White, 19, Covington, Oct 7, Affray

Raheem Antuain White, 21, Covington, Oct 2, Burglary, Possession of Firearm/Knife

Michael Wimberly, 57, Covington, Oct 7, Willful Obstruction of Law Enforcement, Simple Battery