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Newton County Jail Log
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Ronnie Justin Bowen, 33, Conyers, Sept 24, Probation Violation, Back For Court Probation, Attempting To Elude Police Officer, Improper Lane Usage

Lesare Deshawn Brown, 38, Covington, Sept 28, Cruelty to Children, Battery

Demartize Sherod Bryant, 22, Riverdale, Sept 30, Court Sentenced

Joseph Lee Buckhault, 59, Oxford, Sept 30, Fail to Signal W/Turning, No Proof of Insurance, Driving While License Suspended, Improper License Plate
Shawn Callaway, 31, Covington, Sept 25, Fraudulent Claims

Jason Edwards Clowers, 27, Covington, Sept 30, Probation Violation

Blake Taylor Coleman, 20, Covington, Sept 28, Burglary

Deshon Lamont Cooper, 21, Covington, Sept 30, Probation Violation

Jeffrey Wayne Dale, 43, Covington, Sept 24, Probation Violation

Veronica Lynn Decosse, 30, Covington, Sept 24, Probation Violation

Kareem Patrick Duclos, 17, Conyers, Sept 30, Theft by Shopping

Joshua Darrin Duffell, 17, Covington, Sept 24, Probation Violation

Dantoine Jerrell Dukes, 22, Covington, Sept 24, Disorderly Conduct, Carrying Concealed Weapon, Poss of Arms by Convicted Felons

Genette Gates, 58, Atlanta, Sept 24, Theft by Taking

Terry Harold George, 45, Covington, Sept 29, Theft by Taking

Keeshon Octavius Gilyard, 30, Covington, Sept 28, Criminal Trespass

James Leshannon Godfrey, 39, Covington, Sept 30, Probation Violation

Gregory Griffith, 46, Decatur, Sept 30, Theft by Shoplifting

Antuan Dontavious Harvey, 24, College Park, Sept 29, Probation Violation

Larry Terize Henderson, 45, Covington, Sept 29, Notice of Change of Address/Name

Harriet Sangoetta Hixson, 47, Decatur, Sept 25, Probation Violation

Hope Shanta Horton, 19, Covington, Sept 28, Failure to Appear

James Erick Jolley, 35, Covington, Sept 30, Failure to Register Sex Offender

Joey James Jones, 35, Covington, Sept 30, Probation Violation

Jacquelyn Elaine Mann, 21, Covington, Sept 24, Simple Assault

Robert Davis Maxey, 52, Porterdale, Sept 30, Probation Violation

Tara Michelle McCart, 44, Rutledge, Sept 29, Probation Violation

Latona Marie McCoy, 35, Conyers, Sept 26, Probation Violation

Christopher Rogeli Mobley, 40, Covington, Sept 25, Probation Violation

Marshall Ryan Murphy, 26, Gainesville, Sept 29, Probation Violation

Joshua Lamar Nelson, 32, Porterdale, Probation Violation

Phillip Brian Ogles, 35, Covington, Sept 25, Parole Violation

Antonio Rodrigues Perry, 42, Covington, Sept 30, Obstruction or Hindering Law Enforcement

Bobby Delmon Sanders, 27, Ellenwood, Sept 30, Probation Violation

Derek Sean Scott, 45, Decatur, Sept 30, Theft by Shoplifting

Wendy Denise Scot, 43, Covington, Sept 25, Probation Violation

Mario Smith, 26, Conyers, Sept 25, Probation Violation

Nakia Sonja Smith, 39, Covington, Sept 24, Burglary, Poss of Tools for the Commission of Crime, Parole Violation

Albert Scott Sorrells, 47, Porterdale, Sept 30, Criminal Damage to Property

Helen Louise Spearman, 45, Covington, Sept 29, Probation Violation

Michael Charles Stephens, 32, Covington, Sept 30, Battery, Terroristic Threats

Jonathon Matthew Tallent, 21, Covington, Sept 29, Failure to Appear

Victoria Tatum, 24, Decatur, Sept 25, Child Molestation, Sodomy, Enticing a Child, Sexual Assault

Kristina Rae Thompson, 34, Mansfield, Sept 29, Obstruction/Hindering Law Enforcement, Disorderly Conduct

Kristy Gayle Walls, 31, Covington, Sept 25, Probation Violation

Kimberly Lynn Campbell, 28, Covington, Sept 25, Poss of Marijuana

Irvin Alfred Holmes, 48, Covington, Sept 25, Disobeying Traffic, DUI

Garret James Parker, 26, Sept 27, Public Drunkenness


Nanette Arnold, 57, Covington, Sept 30, Possession of Marijuana/Misdemeanor, Possession of Drug- Related Objects, Maintaining Disorderly House, Possession of Meth

Jason Conway Barnes, 32, Mabelton, Sept 25, Unlawful Manu/ Deliv/ETC of Non-controlled Substances, Poss of Meth, Poss & Use of Drug related Objects, Poss of Oxycodone, Poss of Marijuana, No Seat Belts, Driving While License Suspended

Emma Laverne Bradshaw, 26, Covington, Sept 30, Poss &Use Drug Related Objects, Poss of Marijuana, Poss of Meth

Ryan Paul Coleman, 37, Decatur, Sept 30, Poss of Marijuana/ Misdemeanor, Poss of Meth, Poss of Drug Related Objects

Steven Daryl Connell, 33, Oxford, Sept 26, DUI/Drugs, Driving While License Suspended, Giving False Info to Law Enforcement, Probation Violation

Willie Clarence Davis, 60, Covington, Sept 29, DUI, Improper Lane Usage, Driving While License Suspended, Open Container, Surety Bonds

Shalon Raquel Poss, 23, Porterdale, Sept 25, Poss of Marijuana, Poss of Meth, Poss of Control Subs., Parole Violation

Rita Melissa Price, 46, Conyers, Sept 29, Poss of Meth, Drug Related Objects

Julio Jose Mojica Roman, 35, Covington, Sept 30, Disorderly Conduct, Public Drunkenness

Christopher Michael White, 33, Covington, Sept 27, DUI, Poss of Marijuana/Misdemeanor, Driving while License Suspended

Joel Wynton Armstrong, 25, Rutledge, Sept 28, DUI, Poss of Marijuana

Shunda Latrelle Avery, 37, Stone Mountain, Sept 29, Destructive

Meloney Terese Barnett, 54, Covington, Sept 25, Disorderly Conduct, Obstruction/Hindering Law

D’Anthony Jerome Bell, 17, Covington, Sept 26, Theft by Shoplifting

Alyssa Sheldon Bowen, 48, Covington, Sept 26, Battery, Cruelty to Children

Cerfernnio Timmy Brown, 35, Monticello, Sept 24, Improper Stopping, DUI

Sylvia Anise Brown, 27, Covington, Sept 24, Disorderly Conduct

Andres Jose Castro, 27, Snellville, Sept 20, Giving False Name/Address, Driving while License Suspended

Rachel Briana Crutchfield, 17, Covington, Sept 25, Disorderly Conduct

Raschell Mashun Crutchfield, 26, Newborn, Sept 25, Disorderly Conduct

Michael David Dale, 45, Covington, Sept 25, Probation Violation

Michael Dejuan Duffey, 36, Atlanta, Sept 26, Speeding

Rodney Euguene Easterwood, 43, Sept 24, Decatur, Driving while License Suspended

Troy Julius Egbe, 21, Covington, Sept 27, Theft by Shoplifting

Tyone Bernard Elliot, Covington, Sept 30, Driving while License Suspended

Adrian Lamont Frazier, 40, Stone Mountain, Sept 25, Theft by Conversion

Dean Caleb Frazier, 24, Covington, Sept 30, Criminal Trespass

Danielle Shenique Gimbert, 31, Covington, Sept 28, Theft by Shoplifting

Rodna Oneal Hardeman, 38, Covington, Sept 26, Criminal Trespass

Shantelle Louise Haynes, 17, Covington, Sept 30, Driving Without License

Jessie Cordavious Henderson, 21, Covington, Sept 27, Driving while License Suspended

Juanita Lashedra Hines, 37, Covington, Sept 24, Driving without Headlights, Driving while License Suspended

Jeremy Dylan Jackson. 27, Conyers, Sept 27, Probation Violation

Kristy Latrice Jackson, 36, Lithonia, Sept 25, Contempt of Court

Sheldon Theodore Jackson, 24, Lawrenceville, Sept 29, Theft by Taking

Lolthia Maurise Kellyey, 17, Covington, Sept 26, Theft by Shoplifting

Kenyon Maurise Kelley, 17, Covington, Sept. 26, Theft by Shoplifting

William Nanthial Klinger, 18, Conyers, Sept 30, Poss of Marijuana, No Proof of Insurance

Matthew Zoltan Linka, 25, Conyers, Sept 24, Poss of Marijuana

Niesha Kenyata Mason, 29, Oxford, Sept 27, Battery, Reckless Conduct, Cruelty to Children

Sade Michelle McDuffie, 19, Covington, Sept 24, Theft by Shoplifting

Derricus Dantiane Middleton, 25, Madison, Sept 30, Theft by Shoplifting

Marcus Demmond Ponder, 41, Covington, Sept 36, Probation Violation

Jamarcus Montel Pridgett, 21, Covington, Sept 25, Disorderly Conduct, Poss of Arms

Ernesto Cuardos Raya, 42, Covington, Sept 27, DUI, Poss of Marijuana

Ka-Like Jamar Reed, 37, Athens, Sept 30, Disorderly Conduct, Public Consumption of Alcohol

Markese Drentravious Reid, 23, Covington, Sept 25, Carrying a Concealed Weapon, Disorderly Weapon

Jasmine Natahsa, 24, Covington, Sept 30, Theft by Shoplifting 

Luther James Smith, 55, Covington, Sept 25, DUI, Improper Lane Usage

Aviance Stephens, 33, Covington, Sept 26, Driving without License

Jamie Lee Thomas, 39, Covington, Sept 29, Public Drunkenness

Scotty Bernard Thomas, 47, Covington, Sept 29, Driving while License Suspended

Zachary William Todd, 26, Social Circle, Sept 27, Public Drunkenness

Richard Lee Venable, 56, Social Circle, Sept 27, Reckless Conduct, Obstructing/Hindering Law

Evern Vinson Williams, 44, Covington, Sept 29, Failure to Appear

Gian Ochelle Windham, 27, Covington, Sept 24, Poss of Marijuana

Jonivan Learron Womack, 35, Austell, Sept 29, Poss of Marijuana

Rhonda Tiwaina Wright, 37, Conyers, Sept 24,  Poss of Marijuana