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Newton County Jail Log
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Robert Williams, 28, Aug 11, Obstruction or Hindering Law Enforcement Officers

Curtis Joseph Adams, 28, Aug 8, Failure to Appear

Rahman Quadine Allen, 38, Aug 8, Criminal Damage to Property

Steven Anthony Antonio, 27, Aug 7, Reckless Conduct, Deprivation of a Minor, Driving Without a License

Wesley Sharell Avery, 26, Aug 9, Possession of Marijuana Less Than One Ounce

Anderson Ralph Bazile, 17, Aug 8, False Statements, Conspiracy To Commit A Crime

Joseph Michael Behringer, 34, Aug 8, Weekenders

Mario Terrell Benton, 31, Aug 7, Reckless Driving, Duty Upon Striking Unattended

Kedrionne Bernard, Bidgood, 20, Aug 8, License Required, Driving Without Headlights

Cedric Mantel Blackwell, 29, Aug 8, Weekenders

Brandon Skeet Campbell, 20, Aug 11, Possession of Marijuana Less Than, Defective Equipment

Diamond Quameeka-Kenya Cobb, 19, Aug 6, Prohibition On Nude Or

Darrell Laquta Davis, 24, Aug 10, disorderly Conduct

Marchelus Latrell Dennis, 23, Aug 8, Weekenders

Cinquesta Breanna Dowdell, 18, Aug 11, Theft By Shoplifting

Cedrick O’Brian Farley, 36, Aug 11, Driving While License Suspended

Joe Fenton, 47, Aug 7, Possession, Manu, Distrib, Etc., Possession of Marijuana Less Than One Ounce

Myra Michelle Foster, 26, Aug 10, Theft By Shoplifting

Robin Gardner, 23, Aug 7, Theft By Shoplifting

Tracy Lynn Goforth, 50, Aug 6, Theft By Shoplifting

Richardo L Gonzalez Morales, 27, Aug 7, Speeding – 10-14 Over

Ashley Anne Griffin, 25, Aug 11, Driving While License Suspended, No Seat Belts

Shayla Santel Gude, 33, Aug 6, Speeding – 14 to 24 Over, License To Be Carried & Exhibit

Dedric O’Neal Hardeman, 36, Aug 7, Battery

Emory Montez Jackson, 42, Aug 9, Contempt of Court

Rodneisha Jemiya Naki Jackson, 18, Aug 8, Weekenders

Shanice Lawanna Jackson, 26, Aug 6, Obstruction Or Hindering Law

Kathleen Nan Janvier, 25, Aug 6, Theft By Conversion

Evelyn Jefferies, 58, Aug 8, Weekenders

Stephanie Nicole Johnson, 24, Aug 7, Hold For Other Agency

Wallena Rebecca Jones, 27, Aug 8, Hold for Other Agency

Yrone Perenthes Justice, 42, Aug 8, Weekenders

William Earl Kelly, 34, Aug 9, Public Drunkenness

Tosha Danielle Kidd, 24, Aug 7, Criminal Trespass

Ladarius Jaquon Lockhart, 17, Aug 6, Conspiracy To Commit A Crime, Armed Robbery, Intimidation, Aggravated Assault, Possession of Firearm Or Knife

Cynthia Elizabeth Lyda, 42, Aug 6, Contempt of Court

Deanna Osburn Martin, 34, Aug 7, Public Drunkenness

Umar A Muhammad, 55, Aug 7, Battery, Cruelty To Children

William Joseph Nipper, 49, Aug 7, Hold for Other Agency

Jerrica Shanay Nunnally, 21, Aug 10, Improper Lane Usage, Driving Without License, Giving False Name or Address

Sophia Ashley Odom, 29, Aug 6, Obstruction of An Officer, Possession of Marijuana

Lindsay Ann Patterson, 29, Aug 11, Theft By Shoplifting

James Colt Pickett, 31, Aug 8, Weekenders

Obrian Keith Robinson, 32, Aug 6, Driving Without License Speeding – 10-14 Over

Gene Scott Sheriff, 34, Aug 6, Probation Violation

Tamiria Sims, 18, Aug 10, Theft By Shoplifting

Rachel Nicole Smith, 22, Aug 7, Criminal Trespass, Duty To Report Accident

Cecorya Sequaither Stanley, 21, Aug 10, Disorderly Conduct

Daniel Ross Stephens, 20, Aug 8, Disorderly Conduct

Jonathan Reid Strawn, 54, Aug 8, Weekenders

Cadarius Rackell Terrell, 22, Aug 10, Obstruction or Hindering Law

Elaine White Thomas, 48, Aug 8, Weekenders

Cesar Rubio Tovar, 22, Aug 8, Weekenders

James Edward Tumlin, 24, Aug 9, Weekenders

Billie Joe Turlington, 74, Aug 7, Violation of Court Order

Charlene Renee Waithe, 44, Aug 6, Weekenders

Jeffrey Scott Walker, 43, Aug 10, Burglary

Octavis Defonte Whitehead, 38, Aug 9, Driving Without License

Felona J Leon Williams, 31, Aug 7, Obstruction or Hindering Law

Jacolby O’Neal Williams, 38, Aug 11, Hold for Other Agency

Miranda Lynn Williams, 23, Aug 7, Contempt of Court

Dana Williams-Crawford, 46, Aug 8, Weekenders

Hope Jenae Wilson, 32, Aug 6, Theft By Conversion

Travonn Tshombe Young, 23, Aug 12, Hold for Rockdale County S O

Erice Albert, 40, Covington, Aug 28, Possession of Marijuana Less Than One Ounce, Poss of Schedule I & II Drugs, Giving False Name or Address to Law Enforcement Officer, Parole Hold, Parole Violation

Cindra Nicole Armburst, 33, Covington, Aug 27, Trafficking Methamphetamine, Possession & Use of Drug Related Objects, Possession of Firearm or Knife While Trying to Commit Crimes, Possession, Manu, Distrib, Etc, of Control Subs