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Newton County Jail Log 3/11/09
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o Raymond Vernard Menefee, 18, 8197 Sterling Lane, Covington, Feb. 24. Theft by shoplifting.

o Jeremie Antonio Morgan, 36, 340 White Birch Dr., Covington, Feb. 21. Duty of driver to stop and report, vehicles to drive on right side, passing on solid yellow line.

o Douglas Leigh Newberry, 49, Uzella, Feb. 21. Vehicles to drive on right side, DUI.

o Zachary Scott Ogilvie, 18, Conyers, Feb. 19. Obstruction or hindering law officer, possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

o Joseph Shea Price, 24, 15 Mt. Moriah Road, Covington, Feb. 22. DUI, no tag lights.

o Dorian Antonio Pursley, 18, Decatur, Feb. 18. Burglary.

o Romina Puga Ramirez, 20, 460 Ga. Highway 142, Lot 4, Covington, Feb. 21. Failure to stop, driving without license.

o Jamie Tamara Robinson, 21, 3133 Corley St., Covington, Feb. 21. Theft by shoplifting.

o Marion Morris Robinson, 44, 8172 North Links Dr., Covington, Feb. 24. Contempt of court.

o Waverly Theadore Roe, 53, 502 Moore St., Oxford, Feb. 20. Court sentenced.

o Joshua Nicholas Sanz, 19, 106 C College Walk, Oxford, Feb. 19. Terroristic threats and acts.

o Jamarcus Detze Simms, 17, 3202 West St., Covington, Feb. 18. Disorderly conduct.

o Barry Buck Smith, 50, 10404 Dinah Pace Road, Covington, Feb. 20. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, giving false name or address.

o Courtney Sherretta Smith, 28, 105 East Richardson St., Oxford, Feb. 20. Court sentenced to 46 hours.

o Lakesa Lyshone Smith, 34, 10715 Magnolia Heights Circle, Covington, Feb. 23. Driving while license suspended, theft by shoplifting, right of way in cross walks, two counts no child restraint, deposit account fraud.

o Robert Lee Smith, 42, Conyers, Feb. 20. Court sentenced to 4.5 days.

o Jeffrey Alan Spotts, 49, 100 Stephanie Lane, Covington, Feb. 21. DUI.

o Timothy O’Neal Stovall, 30, 4277 Robinson St., Covington, Feb. 18. Disorderly conduct.

o Paul Demos Summers, 39, 416 Piper Road, Covington, Feb. 21. Disorderly conduct.

o Connie Leane Summerville, 36, Cedartown, Feb. 21. DUI, no tag lights.

o Robert Lawrence Tack Jr., 18, 200 Willow Shoals Dr., Covington, Feb. 19. Sale, distribution, possession of illegal drugs.

o John David Talisman, 28, Braselton, Feb. 19. Disorderly conduct.

o Livingston Thomas III, 19, 304 Tanyard Road, Covington, Feb. 18. Fighting in a public place.

o Marcus Mosiah Thomas, 17, 304 Tanyard Road, Covington, Feb. 18. Fighting in a public place.

o Tommy Richard Thornhill, 20, Conyers, Feb. 19. Sale, distribution, possession of illegal drug.

o Jamal Rashard Thornton, 19, 148 Kirkland Road, Covington, Feb. 19. Criminal trespass.

o Kristina Joan Travis, 27, 80 Shelby Oaks Trail, Covington, Feb. 21. DUI.

o Brandon Terry Wiggins, 25, Carrollton, Feb. 21. Public drunkenness.

o Jessika Briana Anderson, 18, Atlanta, March 2. Probation violation.

o Darius Jermal Armour, 17, 50 Heaton Hills Dr., Covington, March 3. Disorderly conduct, disrupting public school.

o William O’Neal Barr, 45, 3111 Alexander St., Covington, Feb. 28. Criminal trespass, disorderly conduct.

o David Kent Berkhan, 48, Lilburn, Feb. 25. Probation violation.

o Norman Biagas, 42, 195 Long Creek Dr., Covington, Feb. 26. Child support default.

o Marissa Marie Bradley, 19, Monroe, March 1. Furnishing to, purchase or possession by persons under 21 years of age.

o Charles Edward Brown, 39, 5143 Hill St., Covington, Feb. 25. Three counts child support default.

o James Cardale Brown, 22, 12 Hemlock St., Porterdale, Feb. 25. Probation violation.

o David Lamar Cain, 49, 5214 Ga. Highway 20, Covington, March 2. Public drunkenness.

o Ramos Derrell Chappel, 18, Dublin, March 3. Probation violation.

o Adrian Ronnell Clark, 20, 7286 Kirkland Road, Covington, Feb. 25. Court sentenced.

o Wesley Theron Clark Jr., 19, 250 Shenandoah Dr., Covington, Feb. 27. Court sentenced.

o Timothy Charles Cronan, 42, Monticello, Feb. 25. Possession of Schedule I & II drug (methamphetamine), two counts theft by receiving stolen property.

o Shawanda Monique Davis, 22, 30 Fox Chase, Covington, Feb. 25. Family Violence Act simple battery, probation violation.

o Marquez Renaldo Dowdell, 21, 130 Spring Valley Trace, Covington, Feb. 26. Probation violation.

o Carlos Demitrius Durden, 33, Madison, Feb. 27. Probation violation.

o Tony Espinoza, 32, Duluth, March 3. Contempt of court.

o Ronald Seiford Fisher, 46, Conyers, Feb. 28. Child support default.

o Russell Leon Foster, 54, Decatur, Feb. 27. Forgery in the second degree.

o Rahjon Carlon Francis, 36, 6255 Crestview Dr., Covington, March 3. Failure to register as sex offender.

o Antonio Demario Giles, 20, 40 Lazy Hollow Lane, Covington, Feb. 27. Court sentenced to boot camp.

o William Henderson Jr., 46, Green Acres, Covington, March 2. Parole violation.

o Joshua Lamar Holcombe, 17, 697 Rocky Point Road, Covington, Feb. 26. Burglary, furnishing to, purchase or possession of persons under 21 years of age.

o Cornelius Jerome Jackson, 32, Decatur, Feb. 26. Probation violation.

o Jack Leon Jenkins, 42, Lexington, March 2. Child support default.

o Benjamin Jones, 47, Atlanta, March 3. First degree forgery.

o Duncan Eric Lawrence, 41, 635 5th Ave., Covington, March 27. Traffic in cocaine.

o Howard Edward Lummus, 44, 250 Upper River Road, Covington, March 2. Misdemeanor theft by taking, driving while license suspended or revoked (first offense), possession of arms by convicted felons and first offender probationers.