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Newton County Jail Log 3/1/09
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Larry O’Neal White, 31, 40 Whitehead Court, Covington, Feb. 16. Two counts theft by receiving stolen property, criminal damage to property in second degree, burglary.
Terry James Wood, 48, 1136 Jack Neely Road, Covington, Feb. 16. Court sentenced to 60 days work release.
Jarmal Quintez Wyatt, 19, 2475 Christian Circle, Covington, Feb. 17. Court sentenced to 10 days.
Thomas Charles Young, 33, 955 Navajo Trail, Covington, Feb. 13. Probation violation.
Laticia Shanika Adams, 17, Lithonia, Feb. 13. Disrupting public school, battery.
Brandon Scott Allen, 19, Winder, Feb. 12. Failure to appear.
Wilfred Arnold, 35, 110 Shadow Brook Trace, Covington, Feb. 11. Family Violence Act simple battery, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officer. Feb. 15. Family Violence Act battery, surety offense, third degree cruelty to children.
Wesley Sharell Avery, 20, 9250 Carr Circle, Covington, Feb. 11.
Sharon Deloris Banks, 53, 5143 lackey St., Covington, Feb. 15. To serve 40 hours.
Alan Putnam Bragg, 24, Greensboro, Feb. 15. Public drunkenness.
Tranzanti Sentell Brazier, 24, 8122 Puckett St., Covington, Feb. 11. Giving false name or address to officer.
Matthew Jacob Bringle, 43, 23 Russell Braden Road, Covington, Feb. 15. Public drunk.
Stephen Dana Brock, 22, Conyers, Feb. 13. DUI, failure to stop.
James Cardale Brown, 22, 6175 Washington St., Covington, Feb. 13. Driving while license suspended, operation of vechicle without current license.
Presley Brian Brown, 33, 350 East Country Woods Dr., Covington, Feb. 12. Duty upon striking unattended vehicle.
Sharodrick Jerrell Brown, 19, 9184 Puckett St., Covington, Feb. 15. Disorderly conduct.
Joseph Browning, 57, 2198 Lee St., Covington, Feb. 14. Public drunkenness.
Kerby Devon Bullard Jr., 19, 235 Hampton Court, Covington, Feb. 12. Loitering or prowling, false statements in matters concerning the court, criminal attempt.
Jose Ramon Cardozo, 56, Forest Park, Feb. 16. Probation violation.
Tony Dante Carr, 22, 158 Neely Hammonds Road, Covington, Feb. 13. Improper lane usage, DUI.
Jason Daniel Childers, 22, Monticello, Feb. 14. DUI.
Victoria Renee Coffee, 38, 80 Heaton Place Trail, Covington, Feb. 14. Family Violence Act criminal trespass.
Fern Collins, 40, Lithonia, Feb. 15. Driving without a license, no proof of insurance, operation of vehicle without current plate, DUI alcohol, operation of vehicle without current license.
Leann E. Ergle, 21, 10 Oaklake Dr., Covington, Feb. 11. Improper lane usage, duty to report accident.
Audrey Leigh Fry, 24, 109 Webb St., Newborn, Feb. 15. DUI, driving without headlights, improper lane usage.
Victoria Jo-Aloysia Gardner, 25, Conyers, Feb. 15. Court sentenced.
Angelica Gonzalez, 36, 4009 Salem Road, Covington, Feb. 13. Theft by shoplifting.
Terence Christoher Griffin, 41, 4277 Robinson St., Covington, Feb. 13. Driving while license suspended.
Adrienne Naomi Harper, 31, 525 Starrsville Road, Covington, Feb. 14. Theft by shoplifting.
Deshaun Felton Harris, 25, 683 Lackey Road, Covington, Feb. 15. DUI, driing without headlights.
David Earl Hester, 60, Norwood, Feb. 14. Theft by receiving stolen property.
Justin Carl Hosp, 26, Alpharetta, Feb. 12. DUI, improper lane usage, operation of vehicle without current license.
James Mark Howell, 43, Snellville, Feb. 17. Theft by conversion of money paid.
Thomas Edward Keenan, 46, Athens, Feb. 14. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce, improper lane usage.
Ryan Antony King, 6164 Elliott St., Covington, Feb. 12. DUI/alcohol, improper lane usage, speeding.
Gerald Wesley Kirk, 20, 14791 Ga. Highway 36, Covington, Feb. 17. Burglary.

Monica Ewing Lemoine, 45, 40 Hickey Dr., Oxford, Feb. 12. Failure to dim bright lights, DUI/alcohol.
Shawn Ladale Logan, 29, Decatur, Feb. 17. Arrested on warrant for brother James.
Tara Lynn Medlock, 34, 120 Vinny’s Terrace, Covington, Feb. 12. DUI per se, DUI less safe, open container, improper lane usage.
Crystal Michelle Moon, 24, 7102 Leafstone Dr., Covington, Feb. 15. DUI alcohol, failure to stop, impoper lane usage, expired driver’s license.
William Tyler Moore, 20, Stockbridge, Feb. 15. Furnishing to, purchase or possession of alcohol by minor.
Grady Charles Mullins, 52, 2592 Elks Club Road, Covington, Feb. 16. Contempt of court.
Shawn Jason Ogorman, 24, Dahlonega, Feb. 15. Failure to stop.
Wilson Lamar Price, 59, 1125 Ga. Highway 213, Covington, Feb. 11. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officer.
Dwayne Levi Randolph, 28, 7114 Fowler Court, Covington, Feb. 12. Possession of Schedule I & II drug (methamphetamine).
Rhyan Victorian Rawls, 19, 205 Fieldstone Lane, Covington, Feb. 12. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.
Mary Lee Robbins, 51, 115 Creekstone Court, Covington, Feb. 13. Contempt of court.
Jeremy Stephen Roden, 36, 395, Oxford, Feb. 12. DUI/alcohol, speeding.
Christopher David Shelton, 36, Rutledge, Feb. 15. Impersonating a public officer.
Timothy Bernard Sheppard, 50, Lithonia, Feb. 14. Possession of cocaine, possession and use of drug related objects, limited driving permits for conditions, driving without headlights.
Shannon Sharonne Silvery, 24, 8122 Puckett St., Covington, Feb. 11. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officer.
Yolanda Terrayla Simpson, 28, Lithonia, Feb. 15. Improper lane usage, DUI per se.
Christoher William Staten, 31, Conyers, Feb. 13. Serving 26 hours.
Cruz Enrique Vasquez-Castro, 32, 100 Beaverdam Lane, Feb. 14. License to be carried and exhibited, speeding.
Evelia Angeles Vega, 43, 26 Edgefield Lane, Covington, Feb. 17. Court sentenced to 48 hours.
Brandon Durell Williams, 22, 10725 Wellington Dr., Covington, Feb. 15. Family Violence Act simple battery.
Robert Eston Williams Sr., 46, Conyers, Feb. 11. Abandonment of dependent child.