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Newton County Jail Log
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Felicia Fedorah Eidens, 26, 210 Stone Creek Parkway, Covington, Aug. 20. Probation violation.
Angela Dean Estes, 21, Jonesboro, Aug. 20. Probation violation.
Destine Ashalique Franklin, 21, 40B Plum Orchard Drive, Covington, Aug. 21. Forgery in the first degree, court sentenced.
Tonya Faye Gilstrap, 37, 200 Morningside Drive, Covington, Aug. 19. Probation violation, serving 4 days for city of Covington.
Cedericdakus Centrel Glover, 22, 7119 Pine View Drive, Covington, Aug. 20. Discharge of gun or pistol near public highway or street.
Kimbria Shantese Grier, 23, 57 Gumtree Court, Covington, Aug. 18. Probation violation.
Deshaun Felton Harris, 29, 683 Lackey Road, Covington, Aug. 21. Sentenced to work release.
Christopher Adam Henderson, 32, Gainesville, Aug. 17. Two counts probation violation.
Lasha Michelle Henderson, 30, Conyers, Aug. 21. Possession and use of drug related objects.
Larry Dean Hornsby, 27, 85 Trelawney Place, Covington, Aug. 20. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, possession of marijuana, drug related objects.
Bridget M. Huddelston, 39, 190 Chandler Field, Covington, Aug. 21. Theft of services, damaging, injuring or interfering with public property.
Deonte Douglas Huddleston, 21, 190 Chandler Field Drive, Covington, Aug. 20. Damaging, injuring or interfering with public property, theft of services.
Tyson Raymond Hunter, 37, 140 Eleanor Drive, Covington, Aug. 21. Court sentenced, child support default.
Melissa Shae Johnson, 23, 1359 West Macedonia Road, Oxford, Aug. 15. Child support default.
William Harold Kelley, 22, Madison, Aug. 21. Probation violation.
Gregory Deeon Mills, 28, 10133 Collier St., Covington, Aug. 15. Probation violation.
Elton Bernard Moss, 40, Clarkston, Aug. 20. Probation violation.
James McClenon Nail Jr., 21, Rutledge, Aug. 18. Possession of Schedule IV drug, drugs to be kept in original container, driving under the influence of drugs, first offense (refusal).
Jeffrie Matthew Nelson, 29, Commerce, Aug. 21. Sentenced to work release.
Stacey Lamar Nolley, 43, McDonough, Aug. 16. Probation violation.
Derek Derrell Norris, 51, 6214 Hudson St., Covington, Aug. 16. Probation violation.
John Paul Nunnelley, 42, Gainsville, Aug. 20. Probation violation.
Thomas Chad Parker, 24, 20 Poplar St., Covington, Aug. 19. Driving while license suspended or revoked, first offense, two counts probation violation.
Richard Arthur Powell, 41, 255 White Burch Road, Covington, Aug. 21. Theft by taking.
Romina Puga Ramirez, 24, 460 Ga. Highway 142, Lot 4, Covington, Aug. 18. Theft by taking.
Muyanzi John Reid, 26, 35 Creekside Court, Covington, Aug. 21. No seat belts, possession of marijuana misdemeanor.
Michael Anthony Reynolds, 49, 3817 Maggie Drive, Covington, Aug. 20. Probation violation.
Phillip Rashard Shropshire, 18, Porterdale, Aug. 21. Criminal trespass, homeless.
William Aubey Singley Jr., 29, Monroe, Aug. 21. Probation violation.
Clifton Lamar Smith, 49, 6194 Green Acres Drive, Covington, Aug. 15. Family Violence Act aggravated assault.
Vickie Renee Smith, 57, 10145 Settlers Grove Road, Covington, Aug. 21. Battery.
Clinton Anthony Tanner, 19, 140 Springlake Terrace, Covington, Aug. 20. Theft by taking.
Penny Jacqueline Walton, 26, P.O. Box 785, Covington, Aug. 21. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.
Shundra Denean Weaver, 31, 9113 Ford St., Covington, Aug. 16. Contempt of court.
Michael David Weingart, 42, Dallas, Aug. 20. Probation violation.
Destiny Leigh Ann Welch, 23, Stone Mountain, Aug. 17. Probation violation.
Darryl Kyle Whitehead, 28, 710 Navajo Trail, Covington, Aug. 15. Probation violation, child support default.
Frederico Alawandra Williams, 31, Shady Dale, Aug. 21. Probation violation.
Andrew Young, 45, 40 Lark Road, Covington, Aug. 21. Court sentenced violation of probation.
Glynn Elliott Young, 40, Conyers, Aug. 15. Burglary, terroristic threats and acts, arson in the first degree.
Brandi Nicole Amos, 27, Lithonia, Aug. 15. First degree forgery.
Jesse Floyd Anderson, 26, Conyers, Aug. 17. Theft by taking.
Leslie Bruce Asseltine, 53, 3559 Salem Road, Covington, Aug. 18. Municipal courts defined.
Mark Allen Baker, 44, Loganville, Aug. 15. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officer, driving while license suspended, noise violation, possession of Schedule I & II drug (methamphetamine).
Deontarious Markese Banks, 19, Monticello, Aug. 17. Driving while license suspended.
Kandice Denae Battle, 24, 11 Poplar St., Porterdale, Aug. 18. Theft by shoplifting.
Thomas Albert Beal, 46, 1518 Elm St., Porterdale, Aug. 18. Courts to report unpaid judgment.
Ulysses Benton, 45, 70 Windward Drive, Covington, Aug. 18. Probation violation.
Donte Darrelle Bogan, 20, 40 Rocky Hill Way, Covington, Aug. 20. DUI drugs, improper lane usage, replacement permits or licenses.
Tiara Chavell Bonner Jr., 26, 10909 Wellington Ridge, Covington, Aug. 18. Possession of cocaine, driving while license suspended.
Pedro Lara Botello, 33, Eatonton, Aug. 18. License required, surrender of, no tail lights.
Charlie James Bridges Jr., 20, 51 Poplar St., Porterdale, Aug. 19. Drugs related objects, possession of marijuana less than one ounce, no tail lights.
Tyrone Lorenzo Brooks, 42, Stone Mountain, Aug. 18. Probation violation.
Billy Jerome Brown, 53, 190 Lakeside Point, Covington, Aug. 19.
Ronnie Jamar Brown, 40, 225 Country Side Lane, Covington, Aug. 18. DUI.
Wilburn Ray Burgess, 46, Monroe, Aug. 15. Violation of TPO.
Jeffrey Jack Butler, 57, 5696 Ga. Highway 20, Covington, Aug. 17. Probation violation.
Erophaus Mardarius Calhoun, 17, 11014 Flat Shoals Road, Covington, Aug. 16.