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Newton County Jail Blog - 11/28
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o Willie James Hardeman, 42, 10173 Pickett St., Covington, Nov. 13. Two counts child support default.

o  Michael Anthony Harper, 29, Jackson, Nov. 16. Failure to appear.

o  Jennifer Susan Haynes, 43, 35 Cindy circle, Covington, Nov. 13. Family Violence Act battery, second degree cruelty to children.

o  Ricky Wiley Jackson, 42, College Park, Nov. 12. Abandonment of dependent child.

o  Adam Judson Jones, 26, conyers, Nov. 14. DUI, improper lane usage.

o  Teresa Cheree Jones, 35, Conyers, Nov. 14. Deposit account fraud.

o  Marissa Marie Kleemeier, 23, Batesburg, Nov. 16. Theft by shoplifting.

o  Antonio Cyril Little, 43, Augusta, Nov. 15. License required (surrender of), driving without headlights, operation of vehicle without current license.

o  Terakesha Kenyetta Maddox, 28, Stone Mountain, Nov. 12. Theft by taking.

o  Carl LaFrance Marion III, 42, Winter Garden, Fla., Nov. 12. Identity theft and fraud.

o  Matthew Wayne Marsingill, 38, Flowery Branch, Nov. 12. Interference with custody.

o  DeQujuanta Contrel Mathews, 18, 6108 Haygood St., Covington, Nov. 12. Theft by taking.

o  David Mason Musgrove, 54, 35 Wateroak Trail, Covington, Nov. 13. Family violence Act battery.

o  Jeffrey Renard Nunn, 42, 9135 Spillers Dr., Covington, Nov. 14. Reckless conduct causing harm.

o  Brittney Chamille Peterson, 28, 165 Lakeside Trail, Covington, Nov. 12. Contempt of court.

o  Charles Shannon Polk, 32, 134 Steve Polk Road, Newborn, Nov. 15. Public drunkenness.

o  Akeem Antwon Prewitt, 18, 6 Hazel St., A, Porterdale, Nov. 13. Consumption and possession of alcohol by minor.

o  Kalicharran Rajkoomar, 40, 75 Trelawney Circle, Covington, Nov. 14. Court sentenced.

o  Michael Alan Raspberry, 23, 40 Anderson Road, Covington, Nov. 13. Reckless driving, fleeing or attempting to elude, DUI, driving in circular or zigzag motion, failure to stop.

o  Chasiti Loraine Robinson, 23, 220 Mountain View Circle, Covington, Nov. 16. Family Violence Act simple battery.

o  Darlene Arlene Rodriguez, 27, 75 Windridge Dr., Covington, Nov. 16. Theft by shoplifting.

o  Jessica Lareine Rodriguez, 23, 10104 Leafstone Dr., Covington, Nov. 14. Deposit account fraud.

o  Joshua Dwayne Sargent, 22, 45 Valley Court, Covington, Nov. 17. Public drunk.

o  Robert Allen Siddon, 27, Conyers, Nov. 12. Theft by conversion.

o  Courtney Sherretta Smith, 27, 105 East Richardson St., Oxford, Nov. 18. Theft by shoplifting.

o  Tysha Devalle Smith, 30, Norcross, Nov. 12. First degree forgery.

o  William Brady Smith, 42, 25 N. Woods Spring Dr., Oxford, Nov. 12. Court sentenced.

o  Rebic Stephen Jr., 45, 11348 Flat Shoals, Covington, Nov. 17. Driving while license suspended, no proof of insurance.

o  Casey Lee Stinchcomb, 17, 9217 West View Dr., Covington, Nov. 17. Statutory rape.

o  Geodric Demetrius Strong, 18, 1891 Access Road, Lot No. 77, Covington, Nov. 12. Theft by receiving stolen property.

o  Kurt Michael Stumpf II, 21, Conyers, Nov. 15. DUI.

o  Elizabeth Christine Summerlin, 39, 4131 Lott St., Covington, Nov. 15. Aggravated stalking.

o  Robert Earl Tarver, 49, Millry, Ala., Nov. 15. Disorderly conduct.

o  Calvin Bernard Thomas, 44, Pelham, Nov. 16. Improper lane usage, duty upon striking unattended object, duty to report accident, driving while license suspended, DUI.

o  Shedrick Lavon Vason, 25, 10172 Pickett St., Covington, Nov. 13. No proof of insurance, second degree forgery, suspended, revoked or canceled license, driving while license suspended.

o  Darren Lakeith Walker, 25, Conyers, Nov. 17. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

o  Ricky Marcellus Wallace Jr., 19, 290 Hazelhurst Dr., Covington, Nov. 12. Loitering on school grounds.

o  Stacy Eidson West, 51, 1225 Lake Stone lea Dr., Oxford, Nov. 13. Theft by shoplifting.

o  Melissa Deanne White, 28, 9105 Griffen Lane, Covington, Nov. 12. Theft by conversion.

o  Steven Harold Wilbanks, 41, 58 Delia St., Covington, Nov. 15. Court sentenced.

o  Robert Adderson Wilson Jr., 59, Conyers, Nov. 15. Failure to yield, improper lane usage, operation of vehicle without current license, DUI/alcohol (less safe).

o  Josh Adam Young, 24, Shady Dale, Nov. 14. DUI, driving without headlights.

o  Robbie Deion Avery, 17, 180 Old River Road, Covington, Nov. 23. Criminal trespass, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers.

o  John Thomas Bankston, 26, 24 Pine St., Porterdale, Nov. 19. Probation violation.

o  Linda Ann Bell, 45, Macon, Nov. 25. Child support default.

o  Travis Dean Bennett, 40, 213 Helen Road, Covington, Nov. 19. Two counts probation violation.

o  Shenekia Tawanna Blackwell, 25, 9376 Tara Dr., Covington, Nov. 19. Probation violation.

o  Bobby Sanchez Brooks Jr., , 20, Atlanta, Nov. 24. Theft by taking (auto), probation violation hold.

o  Robert Weston Burgess, 43, 1080 Skyline Dr., Covington, Nov. 24. Aggravated stalking.

o  Corey Lamont Carr, 31, Lithonia, Nov. 24. Hold for CPD warrant, two counts child support default.

o  Sylandow Dyer, 39, 385 butler Bridge Circle, Covington, Nov. 25. Failure to appear, probation violation.

o  Willie Raymond English, 43, 220 East Richard St., Oxford, Nov. 20. Court sentenced 120 days work release.

o  Anthony Jerome Garrett, 20, Rome, Nov. 24. Failure to appear.

o  Mary Louise Hall, 58, Snellville, Nov. 25. Family Violence Act battery.

o  Aundray Leon Hardeman, 49, 7132 Green Acres Court, Covington, Nov. 19. Court sentenced to one year of work release.

o  Daniel McLean Henry II, 35, Clarkston, Nov. 24. First degree forgery.

o  Antonio Donte Horton, 27, 77 Edwards Way, Newborn, Nov. 21. Probation violation.

o  Demario Marquez Jackson, 24, 90 Cedar Creek Dr., Covington, Nov. 21. Court sentenced.

o  Robert Ernest Kitchens, 38, Loganville, Nov. 24. Escape, probation violation.

o  Sandra Denise Lawrence, 38, homeless, Nov. 24. Probation violation.

o  Willie Calvin Lawrence, 44, 3119 Lee St., Covington, Nov. 23. Giving false name or address to law enforcement officer, failure to appear.

o  Wendell Craig Lewallen, 39, 9132 Griffin lane, Covington, Nov. 24. Probation violation.

o  Raymond Lewis Martin, 51, 3648 Ga. Highway 81, Covington, Nov. 19. Court sentenced to 240 days work release.

o  Donnie Edwin Massey, 35, 460 Ga. Highway 142, Lot 73, Covington, Nov. 19. DUI first offense, no seat belts, vehicle to drive on right side of roadway.

o  Keelin Rapheal May, 39, Snellville, Nov. 20. Probation violation.

o  Joshua Steven McCrary, 26, 139 Greenwood Circle, Oxford, Nov. 21. Probation violation.

o  Laquinton Tovares Mills, 29, Lithonia, Nov. 19. Probation violation.

o  Stacy Nicole Notae, 30, 8199 Flat Shoals Road, Covington, Nov. 20. Sentenced to work release.

o  William Pleasant, 38, Riverdale, Nov. 24. Child support default.

o  Temu Sirhan Ransom, 38, 9445 Tara Road, Covington, Nov. 23. DUI first offense, theft of services, driving without license, no license on file, duty to report accident.

o  Traci Lynn Reagin, 37, Monroe, Nov. 24. Failure to appear.

o  John William Ross, 37, Griffin, Nov. 24. Probation violation.

o  Daryle Todd Rowell, 36, 40 Wisteria Circle, Covington, Nov. 23. Theft by shoplifting, probation violation, deposit account fraud, probation violation.

o  Joshua Dwayne Sargent, 22, 45 Valley Court, Covington, Nov. 24. Probation violation.

o  Jessica Rachael Schust, 24, 190 Vintage Dr., Covington, Nov. 25. Court sentenced.

o  Edward A.G. Snider III, 25, 36 Pine St., Porterdale, Nov. 25. Court sentenced.

o  Kristi Lynn Stinnett, 27, 107 School House Road, Jersey, Nov. 23. Bench warrant.