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NCSO investigating use of force after fight at Newton High
NEwton Fight

COVINGTON, Ga. - It took an administrator and a Newton County Sheriff's Office school resource officer to break up a fight between two juvenile females Wednesday, Aug. 14 at Newton High School. 

Around 1 p.m., a fight occurred in the school's cafeteria. The two females were reportedly on the floor fighting when the SRO and administrator arrived. 

According to the NCSO incident report, the administrator picked up one of the females while the SRO attempted to gain control of the second female. 

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"(She) was still trying to punch (the other female) and in doing so, I tried to gain control of her right arm," the SRO reported. "After gaining control of (the juvenile's) arm, she rolled to her left to try and hit (the other female) again. My arm rolled with her and was on her chest."

The SRO then stood up and picked up the juvenile by her right arm. Once up, she reportedly attempted to go towards the other female again. 

"In trying to gain control of (the juvenile), I put my hand on her left shoulder and pushed her against the wall," the SRO reported. "I then slipped and fell in front of her on food that had spilled on the floor. ... I got up immediately, thinking (the juvenile) might try and kick me or something while I was down. Once on my feet, I held her against the wall with my left forearm on her chest ... I told her if she swung at me, I would charge her."

NCSO Sgt. Cortney Morrison said both students have been charged with misdemeanor charges - disorderly conduct and disruption of the operation of a public school. 

"This matter is currently under investigation and we are aware of the complaint filed by one of the parents," she said. "This matter has been turned over to our Office of Professional Standards Division for further review."

The SRO has been reassigned to the NCSO Patrol Division until further investigation. 

"The Newton County Sheriff Office takes all allegations seriously and we will ensure that all rights are protected in this matter," Morrison said. "We will not stop until every stone is unturned."

The Newton County School System has also turned the investigation over to NCSO, according to a statement from NCSS Public Relations Director Sherri Davis. 

"We did have a fight at Newton High School that involved female students," she said. "A school resource officer on scene attempted to break up the fight. We immediately reported the situation to the Sheriff’s Office for review. They are handling an investigation into the matter."