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Man has seizure after being thrown from vehicle
Covington Police Car - UPDATED.JPG

COVINGTON, Ga. - On May 30, a man was found on Kirk Street Southwest having a seizure after reportedly being thrown from a vehicle.

According to a Covington Police Department incident report, officers were dispatched to the roadway where the man was being placed on a stretcher by EMS personnel. 

The man’s “chin, nose and mouth were bleeding,” according to the report. “He was spitting blood and it appeared he was missing teeth. He had a large knot on the left side of his face with an abrasion and an abrasion on the right side of his face and in his hair.”

EMS believed the man’s injuries were not caused by falling while walking, which was later confirmed. According to the report, the man told officers “he was thrown from a vehicle but was refusing to give any more information."