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Man faces charges of resisting arrest, threatening Covington officer

COVINGTON, Ga. — A man reportedly struggled with officers trying to arrest him and threatened to have someone follow one of them home before he was charged recently.

Ivan Johnson, 29, whose address was listed as Covington, was being held without bond after being charged with one count each of Terroristic Threats And Acts and Willful Obstruction of Law Enforcement Officers by Use of Threats or Violence.

A Covington officer reported being called Jan. 28 at about 9 p.m. to return to a bar on Access Road after police already had responded to a call about an argument. 

The officer arrived to find another officer attempting to open the door of an SUV that the occupant kept closing to keep the officer out, the report stated.

“After opening the door I instructed the male to get out of the car multiple times before he finally complied,” the reporting officer stated. “Due to the male already arguing and being aggressive towards officers I instructed the male to get on the ground.”

The officer reported telling the man “multiple” times to comply with the order.

“I then went to place my right hand on the male’s left arm. At the same time I made that motion the male squared his body with mine, taking a fighting stance,” the report stated.

“The male then wrapped his arms around my torso, grabbing me in an attempt to gain control of me.”

As the man pushed to take the officer down, the report stated, “I used his forward momentum to take him to the ground in the same direction he was pushing.”

Once the suspect was on the ground, the reporting officer and two other officers worked to place the man into handcuffs. He then resisted the officers’ efforts and tried to get up before the reporting officer was able to push him to the ground and place handcuffs on him.

“On the way to the patrol car, the subject stated to myself he had something for me and he would have someone follow me and find out where I laid my head down at night,” the officer reported.

The suspect, Johnson, was charged after warrants were taken out, the officer reported. He was being held today at the Newton County Jail, records showed.