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Judge denies bond for teen accused in June kidnapping and armed robbery
Newton County Judicial Center

COVINGTON, Ga. – A teen charged in the kidnapping and armed robbery of a man that ended with a bank surrounded by police in a driving rain storm was denied bond in Newton County Superior Court Thursday.

The teen was one of three arrested at the Wells Fargo bank on Highway 142 June 13 after the victim was allegedly forced to drive to the bank to withdraw money after being beaten and robbed.

He was able to alert a teller that he was being forced to withdraw money against his will and the teller was able to contact 911.

Covington police responded and made contact with the victim. Once the victim was safe, police arrested the three teens involved.

The teen in court Thursday is suspected of driving the victim’s car to the bank and entering the bank with him. He reportedly had taken a gun found in the vehicle from his mother.

Newton County Assistant District Attorney Bailey Simkoff opposed bond, telling Judge Samuel Ozburn that the teen posed a flight risk due the seriousness of the charges he faces.  She said he was also a risk to try to influence the victim as well as a risk to people and property in Newton County.

Ozburn agreed and denied the bond request.