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Jail log
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Lavarous Jai Golson, 20, Aug 6, Probation violation

Dennis Wayne Goolsby, 56, Aug 12, Aggravated Assault, Cruelty to Children, Simple Battery

Demetrius Antwon Harper, 29, Aug 8, Probation violation

Vana Yvonne Hawkins, 47, Aug 11, Possession of Cocaine, Open Container

Jeffrey Scott Hill 57, Aug 7, Probation Violation

Jonathan Richard Hillan, 21, Aug 10, Probation Violation

Mark Anthony Hood, 44, Aug 10, Driving While License Suspended, No Tail Lights

Anthony Dearl Hunt, 32, Aug 11, Giving False Name or Address to Law Enforcement Officer, Possession of Marijuana Misdemeanor

Larry Wilburn Johnson, 56, Aug 12, Hold for Other Agency

Tony Lee Johnson, 27, Aug 11, Parole Violation, giving False Name or Address to Law Enforcement Officer, Open Container

Aaron Allen Kline, 30, Aug 7 Probation Violation

Kimberly Bradford Macias, 37, Aug 12, Probation Violation

Ricardo Lamar Martin, 29, Aug 10, Probation Violation, Warrant Hold for Monroe County

Steven Anthony Massey, 27, Aug 7, Reckless conduct, Deprivation of a Minor, Driving Without a License, No License on File, Probation Violation

Joshua Adam Newman, 25, Aug 7, Possession of Schedule I and II, Drug Related Objects, No Tag Lights

Kalyn Keefer Newman, 25, Aug 7, Possession of Schedule II Drugs, Drug Related Objects

Robin Nathaniel Norman, 45, Aug 12, Probation Violation

Jeffery Wade Pace, 44, Aug 8, Probation Violation

Rodney O’Neal Perry, 48, Aug 12, Probation Violation

Dana Erin Pritchett, 25, Probation Violation

Rachel Lynn Ray, 30, Aug 12, Probation Violation

Jonathan Ricardo Shell, 33, Aug 12, Probation Violation

Joshua James Sorrells, 28, Aug 11, Probation Violation

Caycee Lee Spears, 23, Aug 12, Hold for 10-13, Disorderly Conduct

Daniel Vincent Tarris, 22, Aug 11, Probation Violation

Richard Duane Thompson, 27, Aug 11, Hold For Probation

Richard Wayne Treadwell, 38, Disorderly conduct

Timothy Owen Tyler, 47, Aug 12, Terroristic Threats and Acts, Public Drunkenness

Michael Howard Vorhes, 55, Aug 9, Disorderly Conduct

Darrell Scott Walden, 50, Aug 9, Terroristic Threats and Acts

Kenya Timna White, 36, Aug 10, disorderly conduct