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Harassment, threats result in warrants
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A warrant has been issued for a Covington man after reports of harassments and threats against a local police officer.

Covington Police Department (CPD) Officer Slade McCullough responded to the victim’s home after reports of harassment by Stanley Bernard Hyman.

“I spoke with the victim who was visibly upset and scared who stated that she had known Stanley Hyman approximately two months and that he wanted to have a serious relationship and that she did not and when she told him that she wanted to be left alone he started to text her and continually call her even after she told him to stop,” McCullough reported.

Hyman reportedly called the victim approximately 30 times before McCullough’s arrival and 10 to 15 times while he was at her home. He also sent her approximately 50 text messages and two voicemails.

McCullough spoke with Hyman on the phone and warned him that a warrant could be issued for his arrest for harassment if he continued to contact the victim.

“At one point while talking to Hyman, he said ‘I’m looking at you right now, you saw what happened to those officers on TV today didn’t you?’” McCullough reported. “I believed that he was making reference to the officers that were killed in Americus, Ga. And then he hung up the phone.”

Hyman also left a voicemail on the victim’s phone while McCullough was there threatening her.

“Oh you won’t answer the phone, I know a way to make you answer, you want them problems?” the voicemail said, according to the CPD incident report.

The victim packed up her stuff and was escorted to another location to stay the night. While she was packing Hyman texted her and said he was in the back yard of her home watching her, according to the report.

McCullough advised the victim how to obtain a temporary protective order and told her to keep all the voicemails and text messages from Hyman. He also contacted his supervisor, CPD Sgt. Chris Cain, who advised him to secure a warrant on Hyman for harassing phone calls and to see if a warrant for terroristic threats on a police officer was applicable.