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CPD busts ‘shot house’ on Puckett Street
Shot House
A search warrant was executed on the house located at 7162 Puckett Street, in Covington. - photo by Jackie Gutknecht

COVINGTON, Ga. - Covington Police Department executed a search warrant which led to the arrest of three men in a “shot house” on Puckett Street Thursday evening.

CPD caught wind of the house after a shootout took place in front of the house in September of last year, Captain Phillip Bradford told The Covington News.

“These types of houses fester other types of crimes,” he said.

Bradford described a “shot house” as a house “where they sell alcohol any time of day. They will pour it for you. Of course, they don’t have any type of license to do this.”

In a two to three month investigation, CPD had made controlled purchases from the house, where officers went in and purchased alcohol from two men, the homeowner David Lamar Bell and Gary Bernard Cook.

Thursday night, CPD executed a search warrant and “documented what we knew was happening at the house,” Bradford said.

“Multiple people at the house and most of them had the little shot glasses sitting in front of them at the table when we went in,” he said.

CPD located an excess of alcohol, including beer and liquor, iced down and cups.

Bell, 7162 Puckett St., and Cook 9167 Cecelia St., were arrested and charged unlawful sale of alcohol or distribution.

CPD ran a check on every person in the house and one had an active warrant. Brandon Flournoy was arrested on an outstanding parole warrant.

“The Covington Police Department is not just going to stand by and tolerate these type of things in our communities because it festers other crimes,” Bradford said.