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Covington man pulls gun on woman, flees from police
Danquario Lewis Stephens
Danquario Lewis Stephens

COVINGTON, Ga. – After reportedly threatening a woman with a gun and leading Covington police on a foot chase, a local man was arrested on multiple charges after an incident that started at the QuikTrip on Highway 278 Saturday evening.

According to the Covington Police Department incident report, Sgt. Allan Seebaran responded to QuikTrip around 9:30 p.m. Aug. 4 on a complaint of harassing calls. Dispatch informed officers a suspect had “pulled a gun on a female at the QuikTrip” and later put something in his pocket before entering the store.

Witnesses report the suspect, later identified as Danquario Lewis Stephens, 29, of Covington, was accompanied by a juvenile male, estimated to be 11 or 12 years of age. Stephens reportedly drove between four motorcycles at the gas pumps before he began driving head-on toward a female with a motorcycle.

“He then began yelling and waving his hands before passing between her bike and another bike,” according to the report. “(The witness) stated that Stephens drove up to her and said, ‘What you wanna do.’ She then told Stephens that he almost hit her. At that time, Stephens reached for the gun in the vehicle.”

Seebaran located Stephens inside the store based on the description provided by dispatch and waited for him to pay for his items and exit the store.

“Sgt. Seebaran also observed what looked like the ‘receiver’ (upper part or barrel) of a medium size pistol protruding from Stephens’ right front pocket and resting on his right thigh,” according to the report.

As Stephens exited the store, Seebaran asked him to step to the side.

“Stephens stopped at the curb and counted approximately five $1 bills several times,” according to the report. “Stephens also asked Sgt. Seebaran if he could go to his vehicle and Sgt. Seebaran said ‘no,’ and again asked him politely to step to the side. Sgt. Seebaran noticed Stephens looking in the direction of the gas pumps and asked him again to step to the side.”

Seebaran reported noticing signs of Stephens contemplating escape. The juvenile was asked to return to the vehicles near the gas pumps, and as this happened Stephens reportedly ran.

Seebaran started a foot pursuit and Officer Keith Waddell and Officer Aaron Malcolm joined. Malcolm tackled Stephens and he reportedly attempted to resist officers and hide his hands.

“Sgt. Seebaran then realizing Stephens’ right hand was in the area of his right front pocket and not being able to tell if his hand was holding onto the gun or just being hidden from officers, assisted Officer Malcolm with getting control of Stephens’ right hand,” according to the report.

As Stephens continued to resist officers, Thompson deployed his Taser.

Officers were eventually able to place Stephens in handcuffs. While searching him, officers located a Taurus Millennium G2 Caliber 9mm handgun in his right pocket. A gun holster and open beer can were also located in the vehicle Stephens was driving.

Stephens was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, possession of a firearm as a convicted felon, obstruction and driving on a suspended license. According to the Newton County Sheriff's Office website, as of Tuesday morning, Stephens remained in the Newton County Jail on the charges.