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Covington man arrested on various child sex crimes
Benjamin Rogers
Benjamin Rogers was arrested on March 26 for several child sex crimes.

NEWTON COUNTY – Police have arrested a 58-year-old Covington man on a number of felony child sex crimes, including child molestation and 500 counts of child pornography.

According to an arrest report from the Newton County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO), Benjamin Nephi Rogers of a Covington address was arrested on March 26 on three separate charges.

Rogers was officially charged with one count of child molestation (fondling), violation of the computer or electronic pornography prevention act of 2007 and sexual exploitation of children.

On the child molestation charges, a family violence report stated that Rogers’ victim was his own grandchild.

A narrative from the same family violence report said that the NCSO was called to assist in an operation conducted by the Office of Homeland Security Investigations.

A spokesperson from the Homeland Security Public Affairs returned an email inquiry from The Covington News and stated that no additional information could be made available about the case.

Rogers is currently being held at the NCSO.