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BREAKING: Covington Police detective fired after arrest in domestic abuse incident

COVINGTON, Ga. — Covington Police Department has fired one of its detectives after his arrest on a series of charges related to an "altercation" at an apartment complex in the city Monday.

Detective Pokey Daniels was terminated after he was charged in connection with the domestic dispute Monday at Wellington Ridge Apartments on Georgia Hwy. 142, said CPD spokesman Capt. Ken Malcom.

Malcom said officers were dispatched to a call at the apartment complex at 10:50 a.m. After interviewing Daniels, the victim and neighbors who witnessed the incident, officers determined that probable cause existed to make an arrest, Malcom said in a news release.

Daniels was charged with Battery under the Family Violence Act, Cruelty to Children, Interference with a 911 Call, and Criminal Trespass. 

Officers transported him to the Newton County Detention Center for processing, Malcom said. He was released Monday on $7,350 bond, according to jail records.

Daniels already was on administrative leave and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation was investigating him for an unrelated issue before Monday's incident, Malcom said. 

He said the the Newton County District Attorney's Office is now reviewing results of the GBI investigation of Daniels.

Pokey Daniels
Pokey Daniels - photo by Courtesy of the Newton County Sheriff's Office