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Crime briefs: Shots fired in Covington
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A Covington man was arrested the evening of Thanksgiving after officers were called to a home on Bent Pine Court regarding shots fired.

When the officers arrived, they spoke with a woman who gave them a description of the vehicle and the shooter, later identified as Richard Lamont Jefferson. An officer located the vehicle and was able to follow, and reportedly watched Jefferson pull into a driveway on Lee Street, get out of the car with a gun in his left hand and walk into a house. The officer also noticed the female passenger get out with her two children and walk into the house after Jefferson.

Officers attempted to get Jefferson to come out of the home after he initially went inside but were unsuccessful. They entered the home and found him in the kitchen; however, he reportedly would not tell officers where the gun was and said he was not the shooter, one of the other five males who attacked him on Bent Pine Court was.

The owner of the home gave officers consent to search and inside they reportedly found two plastic bags of marijuana (one in the kitchen garbage can and one on the back porch), and on Jefferson, located $1,612 and miscellaneous cards and paperwork, but no gun.
He was transported to the Covington Police Department for questioning.

Against her will

Officers are investigating a possible false imprisonment that occurred late last week.

A woman contacted them and said her boyfriend of six months, Scottie Davis, held her against her will. She said that she was forced to drive him around to several different locations and then he would take the keys from her so she could not leave. She also reportedly said that he took her to a friend's house because their electricity had been cut off, then kept her in the back bedroom for two days, beating her with a coat hanger. She said she was permitted to leave only when he needed her to drive him because he does not have a license.

The woman reportedly told officers she had taken Davis to another friend's house and he had forgotten to take the keys, which is how she escaped. She reported that she tried several times to get him to let her go, saying she wanted to spend Thanksgiving with her family, and that he would not let her. She also said he had punched her in the face on several occasions and dragged her around the apartment. At on point, she alleged he said she "would never leave him or break up with him," and told officers that she was afraid of what he might do to her.

No license, no driving

A man parking illegally in the fire lane outside of Food Depot was arrested for a suspended license due to nonpayment of child support Saturday afternoon.

An officer watched Merlin Louis Maddox stop in the lane and waited to see if he would move his vehicle. When he did not, the officer approached him. When asked for his license Maddox reportedly said he didn't have one on him.

He did give the officer his information which came back as his license was suspended. He was arrested and charged for driving on a suspended license.