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Covington Police captain studies counterterrorism abroad in Israel
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Captain Julian K. Malcolm Jr. of the Covington Police Department just returned from Israel for a two-week training program to study counterterrorism, emergency management, and other types of policing strategies from Israeli police.

Malcolm was part of the 18-member delegation of law enforcement officials who received the training through the Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange. The exchange program, which was founded in 1992 by Dr. Robert Friedmann in the Georgia State University Department of Criminal Justice, provides senior law enforcement officers with professional training opportunities in policing techniques from peers abroad. This year the delegation included state and local law enforcement officials representing a variety of Georgia communities, Florida Department of Law Enforcement Assistant Special Agent in Charge Scott F. McAllister, and California State Parks Chief of Law Enforcement Lynn Rhodes.

"The capture of the New York City terror cell serves as a stark reminder that internationally initiated or inspired terror attacks and attempts to hurt Americans demonstrate that terrorists constitute a serious threat," said Friedmann.

"Law enforcement and public safety agencies know that serious threats are still there — despite the relative lull after September 11 — and they are eager to learn from their Israeli counterparts about their experience and to benefit from their expertise. This will enhance the sharing of information, technology, tactics, and strategies between law enforcement agencies of two close allies. American law enforcement leaders value the Israeli willingness to assist by sharing their expertise and experience."

This marks the seventeenth delegation of Georgia law enforcement officers to visit Israel through the GILEE exchange program.