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The splendid little town of Porterdale
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As the holiday seasons approach I think of how they were celebrated in Porterdale.

Thanksgiving was always a day for fond memories of family times, and turkey and dressing. My mama, Eva Mae Bowen, always cooked the very best dressing. She taught us her recipe and in her last days she guided us and of course corrected us on how to make this delicious dish.

I will always remember the last time we got together at 12 E. Palmetto St. She was so sick but yet always resolved to do her work.

That’s how the people of Porterdale are. This town has a spirit of unity and working together. I think during this time of Thanksgiving we should once again be thankful for our heritage.

This heritage is not of wealth in the eyes of this world. It’s a heritage of beliefs and love for each other.

I read in Mrs. Lucille Shaw’s book:, "Diary of a Cotton Mill Girl," when she was leaving the city limits she saw a sign " a friendly place to live," and wanted to change the words to say "A town with happy memories." Thanks, Mrs. Lucille, for sharing those memories with us.

I will always be thankful for the memories of our heritage.

There are so many memories:

- Leslie Watts, delivering groceries so families who couldn’t go get them for Thanksgiving or any other day would have what they needed.

- Sam Capes who used to deliver our milk.

- We of course do not want to forget "Hunky John" and that wonderful ice cream. We would hear the sound of his bell coming down the streets letting us know we had to get some money. That bell seemed to say "hear I come, kids!"

- The Watkins man helped our ladies to have those flavorings to make their delicious cakes and pies. His liniment helped with the aches and pains of working so hard.

Thanks for the memories, as Bob Hope used to sing.

"Diary of a Cotton Mill Girl" can be purchased at Proceeds benefit the fund to rebuild the Porterdale gym.

Thanks, y’all,