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Woman lies about being robbed
Claims money, groceries stolen by group of men
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A woman who called the police for help after a robbery was arrested after investigators found she had lied about the entire thing.

According to Covington Police Department Sgt. Mike Tinsley, 58-year-old Beverly Adelaide Newman, called for help on July 29, a little after midnight. She was allegedly standing on a sidewalk on Washington Street and told responding officers that she had just returned from cashing a check for $224.25 at the Chevron gas station on the corner of Washington and Emory Streets.

Newman allegedly reported to officers that she cashed her check and purchased bread, two soft drinks and some potato chips at the gas station. She reportedly told officers that as she left the store she noticed three black males standing beside a vehicle in the parking lot of the gas station.

The men reportedly got into their vehicle and began following her and, at one point, exited their vehicle and approached her. Newman allegedly told officers that when the men approached she clenched her fist that held her money and keys and crossed her arms.

She reportedly told the officers that one of the men said to her "I know you’re a drug dealer," then grabbed her with the assistance of one of the other men and pried the money from her hand then pushed her to the ground. She allegedly told officers that the men fled east on Washington Street and took $118 and her groceries.

When asked for her identification she allegedly told officers that she had left it at home. They questioned how she would be able to cash a check without an ID and she reportedly told them the clerk at the gas station knew her well.

But when investigators dug a little further, they found the store Newman reportedly told them she cashed her check at closed at 10 p.m. and that she had not cashed a check there all day, according to the manager.

Investigators went to speak with Newman again and found her at the Newton County Detention Center on unrelated charges of simple battery. After they spoke with her she reportedly admitted to making up the story of being robbed.

"It didn’t make a whole lost of sense," said Tinsley. "But, in so many words, a friend of hers took $100 from her and she was trying to get back at her. She may have been thinking that we would stop someone who fit the description of the men she gave us and give her the money back."

Newman was charged with making false statements to an officer.