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Covington offers rebates on natural gas appliances during the annual rebate rally

The City of Covington is offering rebates on natural gas appliances to qualifying citizens during the months of September and October. The City of Covington has joined several other Municipals in Georgia to create the Rebate Rally. The City of Covington is offering up to a $300.00 rebate on both natural gas tank and tankless water heaters. A $50.00 rebate is available for natural gas stoves, dryers, grills, and logs. There is a maximum yearly rebate of $500.

“The City of Covington cares about its citizens and wants to do what we can to make our homes energy efficient, comfortable, and enjoyable places to be. The Rebate Rally is a great opportunity for citizens to replace their old natural gas appliances or switch out their electric or propane appliances to natural gas,” Mike Jewell, Covington gas director, said.

Main Street On-Bill Financing

The City of Covington offers 0 percent interest financing on the purchase and installation cost of natural gas appliances. Qualified residential customers can obtain an application from The City of Covington’s web site

About The Rebate Rally

The Rebate Rally is a partnership of local governments in Georgia, water heater manufacturers, local contractors, and local businesses to help consumers understand the advantages of natural gas appliances. During these 60 days, special rebates, offers, and events will be available to consumers to help with the purchase and installation of a natural gas water heater. More information is available at

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