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Woman calls for help for abuse, ends up arrested
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Deputies from the Newton County Sheriff’s Department were called to a domestic dispute after a woman reportedly call 911 for help and told the dispatcher that her husband had a gun.

According to reports, deputies headed to Heritage Park Apartments at around 3 a.m. on April 20. While en route dispatch reportedly told the deputies that the victim was very belligerent while on the phone and had told dispatch that her husband hit her.

When deputies arrived both the husband and wife were reportedly standing in front of one of the apartment buildings and the deputies reportedly asked the man what was going on. Before he could answer the initial complainant, Lakisha Johnson reportedly began shouting obscenities and said that her husband had "slapped her in the dace and she wanted him to go to jail."

Deputies attempted to calm Johnson down and were eventually able to do so. Her husband walked to a patrol car with one deputy to discuss the incident, while the other deputy stayed with Johnson who allegedly "had a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from her person."

She reportedly told the deputy that her husband has slapped her and they began arguing. When asked by the deputy why her husband had become violent she allegedly said "I told you, because we were arguing." When asked why they had begun arguing Johnson would not tell the deputy, according to reports.

Although deputies note there were no visible marks on Johnson, she allegedly pointed to both the right and left sides of her face and continued to say that her husband had slapped her. Moments later she reportedly told deputies "I just wanted my keys back and I want him to leave."

Her husband was asked if he had Johnson’s keys and he allegedly told deputies that Johnson had thrown them at him while they were in the back area of the building. A search of that area revealed the keys which were returned to Johnson.

The man was about to be transported to his home in Social Circle when he reportedly asked deputies if he could have his wallet which was allegedly in Johnson’s vehicle. When deputies asked Johnson if they could retrieve the wallet she reportedly gave them permission to do so and opened the door to her vehicle.

As the deputy was walked back over to Johnson’s husband Johnson allegedly said "I want my pitchers out it." The deputy informed her that he was not going to allow her to take items out of the man’s wallet without his consent which, according to reports, set Johnson off once more.

Reports indicate that Johnson once again began shouting obscenities, this time at the deputy, and repeatedly said that her husband had slapped her. Deputies tried once more to calm Johnson but to no avail.

Johnson was placed under arrest after several failed attempts to calm her, according to reports. While on the way to the Newton County Detention Center, Johnson reportedly continued to shout at the deputy and, at one point, began kicking the passenger side window. When they arrived at the jail she allegedly had to be removed from the patrol vehicle by detention staff while she shouted obscenities at them, according to reports.

Johnson was charged with public drunkenness.