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Woman abuses daughter for pain meds
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A Covington woman was arrested for battery under the Family Violence Act after getting into a fight with her daughter and husband over finances.

According to a report, Covington police responded to a home at Hickory Drive SW on Saturday around 11 p.m. in reference to a family fight. They spoke with a woman who said she came to check on her four grandchildren and her daughter after the daughter and daughter's husband were involved in a verbal altercation. The mother told police that she got into an argument with her juvenile daughter earlier that day because her daughter owed her $40. She said her husband came home later and they began arguing over the $40.

She said her husband pushed her with an open palm in the face. Police spoke with the husband who said he and his wife had been arguing on and off throughout the day. He said he believed his wife was addicted to pain medication and he didn't like how she was treating their children, especially their oldest daughter. During the argument, her husband said she started spitting on him and claiming he was siding with their daughter.

He said in self-defense he tried to put his hand over his wife's mouth to keep her from spitting. Police described the husband as upset and crying about his wife's treatment of their children. Police then spoke with the couple's juvenile daughter who police described as having "fresh bruising and marks on her face and head."

The juvenile girl said she earned an extra $40 that day for babysitting for her neighbor and when her mother learned about it, she tried to take the money away. She said when she refused, her mother knocked her down and began slamming her head onto the floor and threatened her with a screwdriver. The girl also told police her mother was addicted to pain medication and was abusive.

Man arrested after choking his fiancée for beer money
A Covington woman told police her fiancé assaulted her for not paying him back for purchasing beer for a party. According to a report from the Covington Police Department, police responded to a home on Ford Street in reference to an assault call. An officer spoke with the woman who said her fiancé became upset over beer money after the prior night's party.

The woman said she was in the bedroom when the fiancé came into the room and told her she needed to pay him back. She told him that she didn't drink any of his beer but gave him the money anyway. The fiancé reportedly snatched the money away from her and began to hit herr.
The woman said her 12-year-old daughter used her prepaid phone to call 911.

The woman said she was able to get away from his grasp and exited the house. She said she also called 911 and was able to talk to the operator but the fiancé came outside and snatched the phone away from her and pushed her onto her 12-year-old daughter. According to the report, the woman's daughter sprained her ankle and the woman had scratches on her neck.

They were both treated by EMS. The fiancé was arrested and charged with battery under the Family Violence Act, cruelty to children and interfering with calls for emergency assistance.