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Web Exclusive: Man charged with DUI after running car into ditch
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Rodney Pierce of Covington received several citations on Tuesday, June 30, after an officer responded to an accident at the intersection of Ga. Highway 212 and Ga. Highway 36. The officer arrived on the scene shortly before 5:30 p.m. to find Pierce’s car in the ditch. After approaching Pierce the officer reportedly noticed that he was allegedly unsteady on his feet, verbally combative and that there was a strong odor of alcohol coming from Pierce’s person.

 A witness to the accident allegedly stated to the officer that he observed Pierce’s vehicle run off the roadway, travel in the opposite lanes of traffic, run the stop sign at the intersection of Ga. Highway 212 and Ga. Highway 36 at a high rate of speed and then finally run into the ditch.

After confronting Pierce about what took place, he reportedly became irate with the officer, and was placed into handcuffs and read his rights. After stating that he did not consent to any field sobriety tests, he then allegedly refused to continue talking with the officer about the incident. Upon returning to his vehicle where Pierce was being held, the officer noticed that he had defecated on himself.

While in route to the Newton County Detention Center Pierce reportedly attempted to bring his handcuffs from his back to the front along with kicking and striking the cage in the officer’s vehicle with his head. He also reportedly vomited and defecated on himself before reaching the NCDC.

Pierce was charged with driving under the influence (DUI), reckless driving, failure to stop at a stop sign, failure to maintain lane, and driving on a suspended license.