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Two men arrested for fighting at Wal-Mart
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Two men were arrested Friday night after engaging in a fist fight at Wal-Mart.

Reports from the Covington Police Department indicate that officers were called to the store and met with the store manager who had 50-year-old Terry Willard with him. Willard reportedly told the officers he was in the store shopping when an employee, later identified as 59-year-old Felton Harvey, walked up to him, kneed him in the stomach and began to fight with him. Officers noticed that Willard was bleeding from several cuts and scratches on his face.

The manager reportedly informed officers that Harvey was being held in the back of the store. When officers made contact with him he allegedly told them he had placed a restraining order on Willard and that it had just expired. He also reportedly told them that Willard came into the store and began to curse and yell at him, which is when the fight started. Harvey also had scratches on and around his face.

According to reports, Willard told officers that his ex-wife had left him for Harvey but had been calling him recently, trying to get back together.

Harvey reportedly told officers that he had pictures of Willard coming to his house and sitting outside watching them.

When officers viewed the recording of the fight it showed the two men approach one another and Harvey throw his hands up at Willard, then after the two came within striking distance, Harvey kneeing Willard in the stomach. It then showed the two men begin to fight in the front of the store.

Both were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and Harvey was additionally charged with battery.