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One call nets two different arrests
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A call for assistance ended in two arrests. A young man was arrested for outstanding warrants but not before a fight with his mother.

Deputies from the Newton County Sheriff’s Office were called to a home on the afternoon of July 14 to assist the residents inside who had called for help after a fall. Deputies had already been to the home once that day for a family fight between 39-year-old Rene Lynn Fish and her son, 21-year-old Jody Miller.

On the way to the call for assistance, dispatch ran Miller’s information and informed deputies that he had active warrants for robbery. When the deputies arrived at the home they reportedly found Miller in the front on the phone with dispatch and advised him that he was under arrest. He allowed deputies to handcuff him without incident, allegedly just asking that they check on his mother because she had fallen.

Fish was found in a back bedroom reportedly yelling "I don’t need any help, I’m fine." When she saw her son handcuffed in the living room, however, she allegedly became irate, yelling and cursing at the deputies and saying that they couldn’t take him to jail and "he didn’t do anything, I’m the bad guy here, let him go."

Deputies attempted to explain to Fish that her son had active warrants for his arrest but she reportedly didn’t want to hear their explanations, running outside after them as they led her son to a patrol car, yelling that he could not go to jail. Deputies reportedly told Fish that she would be going to jail as well if she didn’t calm down and return to the house.

The deputies placed Miller in the back of the patrol car and reached in the front seat of the car to get the radio microphone at which time Fish reportedly pushed the door, attempting to close it on the deputies and hitting him in the shoulder in the process.

At this point, Fish was informed that she was under arrest and a deputy grabbed her left wrist in order to place her in handcuffs. When he grabbed her wrist she allegedly pulled away from him, yelling "no I’m not [going to jail], let me go." The deputy grabbed her wrist again and Fish reportedly fell to the ground and began kicking and attempting to push the deputy away from her.

Fish was told that if she didn’t give the deputy her hands he would use the Taser on her, but the threat was not enough to make Fish stop resisting, according to reports. She was drive-stunned for five seconds in the side, but that reportedly did not stop her from fighting.

She allegedly rolled to her stomach, placed her right hand underneath her and continued to try to escape, according to reports. The Taser was once again deployed, this time on her shoulder, and with the second five second cycle Fish reportedly calmed down and placed both of her hands behind her back.

She was transported to the Newton County Detention Center where she was charged with felony obstruction of an officer, hindering apprehension or punishment of a criminal and public drunk

Kicked out


A Covington man attempted to eject a woman and her mother out of his house, reportedly causing a family fight to ensue after the women allegedly pushed their way back into the home.

Early Monday morning, deputies from the NCSO were called to a home on Gazebo Drive for a domestic disturbance and when they arrived they reportedly found 33-year-old Rontas Deanjoe Johnson in the driveway. He allegedly told deputies that his wife caused him to lose his job after refusing to drive him to work and that he cut all four of her tires because of this.

When he slashed the tires on his wife’s vehicle his mother-in-law reportedly got upset and began calling him names, according to Johnson’s version of the story, and brought her arm (which was holding a cup of coffee at the time) back in an attempt to throw hot coffee on him. When she did this, Johnson allegedly told deputies that he knocked the coffee from her hands. He told her that she was no longer allowed to be in her home and threw her and his wife from the house. The two women reportedly charged him at this point, pushing their way back into the front door and attacking him.

Johnson reportedly told deputies that he was attempting to stop the women from hurting him and that his mother-in-law fell to the floor but still refused to leave the home. He allegedly told deputies that he grabbed her by the foot and attempted to pull her from the house, at which time his wife jumped on his back and her son attempted to attack him as well.

The other parties involved in the altercation said that Johnson got upset with his wife and slashed her vehicle’s tires, and that Johnson’s mother-in-law began to curse at him. Johnson allegedly walked up to her and knocked her coffee out of her hand, then attempted to lock them all out of the house.

They reportedly told deputies that when Johnson attempted to lock them out they pushed their way back into the house and when they did that Johnson allegedly attacked the mother-in-law and everyone jumped in to help her. According to reports, there were "many minor cuts made during the fight but Mr. Johnson got the worst of it."

Johnson was transported to the Newton County Detention Center where he was charged with simple battery and cruelty to children in the second degree.