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McKelvey honored by Young Republicans
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COVINGTON, Ga. - Covington City Councilman Josh McKelvey received a special honor Monday night from the Georgia Young Republicans.

The special Chairman of the Year Award from Georgia Young Republicans Chairman was awarded by Chairman Robert Lee for McKelvey’s role with the NewRock Young Republicans and the City of Covington.

“Every year we recognize individuals and member chapters around the state for excellence in a variety of ways,” Lee said. “One such award is called the Chairman’s Award. It’s an award that I personally get to issue to one member in this state that exemplifies the values of our organization.

“The values of our organization reflect more than just politics, they reflect personal values, personal responsibility. They reflect taking ownership of the circumstances you see in front of you and I’m very proud this year to be able to award this honor to Councilman McKelvey.

“It isn’t just because he is a fellow conservative, a Republican, its more because of the way he conducts himself as a city councilman.”

Lee said he has got to know McKelvey during his election year and has seen how he works with constituents in his current role in Covington.

Georgia Young Republicans is a statewide organization for young conservatives in the state, Lee said. The NewRock Young Republicans holds meetings on the second Monday of each month at 7 p.m. McKelvey said those interested in more information could reach out to him directly.