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Mayor Carter speaks about working with state gov't
Video interview is part of GMA series
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Mayor Kim Carter recently gave her thoughts on the interaction between state and municipal government at a Georgia Municipal Association convention held in June. She said she was one of six mayors from across the state interviewed for GMA's Georgia Cities 2010 Connection: Connection City Hall to the Gold Dome. To see the video click on the following link:

Below is a transcript of the video:
"I think in terms of sustainability and infrastructure and continuing to grow, we do need a tight partnership with the state level. Now more than ever we need to collaborate. It seems sometimes decisions get made at the top level of our government and are pushed down to the lowest level of our government without the real consideration of what that cost is to the folks that are driving the value added equation.

"While I'm not responsible for the school system for example, I am for the municipal city government, those decisions that get pushed down to our local schools system from the state level has a tremendous impact on our municipal government. We can't employ great workers that have great skills unless we have a solid educational system. So, all of these things are interrelated and intertwined and we do need collaboration and partnership from the top level all the way to the bottom level.

"One of the things our that I think government could improve on, and I would like to see the next administration focus on is the revenue side of the house. I've had my local representative and senator say they fundamentally believe that the Department of Revenue is broken and that the whole process of taxation is broken in the state of Georgia. And my counter to that is if you believe that then lets holistically solve the entire problem. Let's not just pick one piece of the revenue puzzle and work on one that at a time because that will not work. Personally, I believe we are leaving millions of dollars on the table in sales tax. I do believe that that system of reporting and collection and distribution of those proceeds really needs to be addressed sooner than later.

"I look for partnership and collaboration everywhere I can. We certainly want to give our thoughts and views to those above us, but we certainly hope we're being heard. I guess I would sum it up that I look for partnership, I look for collaboration, but I also look for accountability both ways, up and down."