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Man robbed at knifepoint by two men
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Two Covington men were arrested after they reportedly robbed a man at knifepoint Tuesday afternoon.

Capt. Ken Malcom the Covington Police Department said Jamarcus Moody and Rodney Smith, both of Hendrix Circle, were arrested and charged with robbery.

According to the report, Covington police responded to a home on Washington Street around 3:30 p.m. after receiving a call from a man who said he had been robbed at knifepoint by two other men.

Malcom said the man was visiting a female friend and while he was there Moody and Smith came to the home. He said the men went in and out of the house and hung out on the porch.

When the man walked out onto the porch, one of the men asked the man if he had change for a $50 dollar. The man told Moody and Smith that he did not have any money.

"At that time one of the individuals pulled a knife and demanded money from the victim, grabbed him by the neck and held him and the other individual made the comment to stick him," Malcom said.
"There was a struggle and at some point for some reason one of the perpetrators decided to hand the knife off to the other one," he said.

"When he was in the process of transferring the knife from his possession to the other individual's possession, the victim was able to knock the knife away."

Malcom said the three men then struggled off of the porch down into the road and the man was able to get away. The man was not injured. He said Moody and Smith then ran towards Carroll Street.

When officers arrived on the scene, they began to search the neighborhood for the two men. As they were gathering information, a father of one of the men asked police if they were looking for his son and then led them to his residence.
Malcom said they found one of the men in a basement of the house and the other individual hiding beneath the house.

He said when they interviewed Moody and Smith, they admitted to having an involvement in the robbery, but accused each other as being the culprit of the crime.