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Knife fight leads to assault arrest
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A woman was arrested for assault with a knife Tuesday night after allegedly getting into a knife fight with her stepfather after he pulled a kitchen knife on her.

According to CPD, the woman and her boyfriend came to the area from Kentucky to visit her mother. She told police when she arrived at the house, her mother was not home, but her stepfather Clifton Smith and her sister were.

The sister and boyfriend told police in separate interviews that when the woman and the boyfriend arrived at the home, Smith appeared drunk and was in the driveway playing loud music in his truck and flicking the lights on and off.

After the woman and her boyfriend went inside to do laundry, Smith followed them and allegedly said, "Oh hell naw." The woman replied, "You don't want to start today." The sister told police this was because Smith did not want the woman and her boyfriend to do their laundry there.

Smith then allegedly went into the kitchen to grab a knife from the kitchen drawer and said, "Do you want to die today?" and charged at the woman. The woman and Smith started wrestling with the knife and fell to floor.

The sister told police the woman had her pocket knife out and after they fell to the floor, the woman threw her pocket knife toward the corner of the room away from Smith. The boyfriend then began to choke Smith.

However, the sister told police Smith continued to fight, so the boyfriend punched Smith and threw him outside.

The sister placed the kitchen knife back in the drawer and the woman then called police.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found the woman, who had blood all over her upper body clothing, and Smith lying on the ground under the carport in a pool of blood. EMS arrived shortly after and transported Smith to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta for treatment.

The woman was then arrested for aggravated assault. Smith is currently in stable condition at Grady and the officer stated he/she will be obtaining a warrant for Smith for aggravated assault.

Man breaks laundry room window, flees

Police were called to a Covington home early Wednesday in reference to a family fight that led to a window being damaged.

According to the CPD, when officers arrived, a woman said that a man damaged a laundry room window intentionally.

The man was not there and fled the residence before police arrived.

Damaged to the window is estimated to be $75, and the woman was advised of the warrant application process.

Man at homeless shelter refuses arrest, is stunned multiple times by Taser

A man staying at a homeless shelter in Covington was stunned five times by a Taser after resisting arrest and struggling with officers.

According to the CPD, police were dispatched to a homeless shelter early Wednesday morning after receiving complaints of man being disruptive and possibly sick or intoxicated.

Upon arrival, officers found Demetrius Donta Manuel, allegedly smelling of alcohol, sitting on a bench in front of the men's dorm/building. Officers asked Manuel if he had been drinking. Manuel said he had not and was then asked for his identification.

While EMS personnel evaluated Manuel's health, officers were informed that Manuel had two outstanding warrants for his arrest; the first out of Newton County for probation violation (original offense for sale of cocaine and the second out of DeKalb County) for probation violation (original offense for terroristic threats).

Officers then proceeded to arrest Manuel, but he refused and allegedly started to yell and be argumentative. The two officers at the scene each grabbed one of Manuel's arms, but his muscles tightened and he began to argue with police and was stunned by a Taser.

Officers then warned Manuel he continued not to comply with officers he would be stunned again.

Manuel allegedly began pulling away from the officers and was stunned by a Taser again. Officers took Manuel to the ground and ordered Manuel to stop resisting and to place his hands behind his back. He refused and received two to three additional stuns and continued to resist arrest.

Officers administered a final stunned from the Taser to Manuel and was able to gain control of him. He was then arrested and transported to the Newton County Detention Center.

Family returns to find home ransacked

After returning from Loganville to take care of a sick family member, a Covington family found their home turned upside down and a bevy of electronics missing.

According to the Newton County Sheriff's Office, the family left for Loganville Aug. 2 and returned Monday to find their back door kicked in and valuables missing.

Among the items stolen were: TVs, a Nintendo Wii, Sony Play Station 3, Sony Vaio laptop, Canon camera and camcorder, Dell Inspiron laptop, Kindle Fire and an Apple iPod classic.

Officers checked the home for foot print, tool marks and finger prints, but nothing could be found.

Couple harassed on Facebook by dead boss

A woman and her girlfriend allegedly received threats on Facebook from an account claiming to be the woman's former boss, who passed away.

According to the Newton County Sheriff's Office, the woman told officers that her girlfriend and the unknown user began a heated conversation about gay rights over the social media website when the threats began.

The Facebook account has since been removed.