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Intoxicated drivers crash vehicles into ditch, home
Drunk driver lodges truck in ditch outside O-Zone Bar
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Officers called to Ozone Bar and Grill to break up a fight ended up arresting a man for drunk driving after he drove his car from the bar’s parking lot into a ditch in front of the officers.

After officers from the Covington Police Department dealt with the fight, they were crossing the parking lot and heading to their vehicles when they noticed a Ford Taurus drive out of the gravel lot and slam into a four-foot ditch, becoming momentarily disabled.

After the man vigorously stomped on the gas pedal several times, the vehicle’s tires spun until it was freed from the ditch. As the Ford went through the ditch, the back end of the vehicle slammed into the ditch, making a loud crash which caused all eyes to focus on the driver of the Taurus. The vehicle finally cleared the ditch, nearly striking another vehicle in the process.

One of the officers who was close to the ditch shined his flashlight at the driver in an attempt to get him to stop but, according to reports, the driver ignored the officer and continued down the street, ignoring the officer who began running after him on foot and yelling for him to stop his vehicle. The officers got into their patrol vehicles and activated their emergency equipment, finally stopping the driver at Old City Pond and City Pond Road.

When officers made contact with the driver, identified as 29-year-old Michael Jason Skypek, they were immediately able to detect a strong odor of alcohol, according to reports, both from the driver and the inside of his vehicle. Skypek reportedly had very bloodshot eyes, and as officers were speaking with him, they allegedly noticed an 18-pack of beer on the passenger side floorboard, as well as an open container of Dragon Joose, an alcoholic energy drink.

Officers asked Skypek if he had been drinking that evening and he reportedly told them he had drinks at the bar. When asked how many, he allegedly shrugged his shoulders and replied, "I don’t know, a few or so."

He was asked to step out of his vehicle, and when he did so, he was reportedly very off-balance and nearly fell over. As Skypek walked toward the patrol vehicle, he was noticeably unsteady on his feet, wobbling and swaying to and fro. Once he reached the front of the patrol vehicle he was asked to perform sobriety tests and Skypek reportedly refused to do so.

Skypek was read implied consent and he allegedly told the officers that he understood but still refused to perform the tests. He was informed that if he continued to refuse the Georgia State Administered Chemical Test of his Breath, he would loose his driver’s license for a year and still he refused.

He was arrested and transported to the Newton County Detention Center where he was charged with driving under the influence, reckless driving and open container.

Intoxicated driver found hiding behind laundry after crash

Officers from the Covington Police Department were called out to help at a home on Private Drive Saturday afternoon after a woman’s neighbor crashed a car into her home.

Reports indicate that the caller advised officers that the person who ran into his mother’s home was her neighbor and that the woman appeared to be intoxicated. When officers arrived at the home, they reportedly saw a white Lexus LS400 parked beside a residence and the car allegedly had minor damage to the driver’s side headlight and fender.

Standing outside the residence where the Lexus was parked was a man who was identified as the suspect’s boyfriend. When asked where the driver of the car was, he reportedly told officers she was inside the home using the rest room and identified her as 41-year-old Michelle Bohler.

An officer knocked on Bohler’s front door several times, identifying himself as he did so. The officer then made his way around to the back of the home, and was still unable —despite calling out for Bohler several times —to get her to come to the door. Finally the officers entered the home through an open kitchen window. As the officers made their way through the home they continued to identify themselves and call out for Bohler to come out and speak with them but, according to reports, the officers neither heard nor saw her in their initial search of the home.

Officers then went into the laundry room of the home, and when they did, they found the room reportedly reeked of alcohol. They reportedly located Bohler hiding behind some clothes that were hanging on a rod in the room. She was told to show the officers her hands and she allegedly ignored them. She was given that command three times and, according to reports, she did not acknowledge the officers, nor did she move from her hiding place behind the clothing. Officers eventually had to remove her and escort her outside of the residence.

Once outside Bohler was allegedly unsteady on her feet and unwilling to stand without leaning on her vehicle, her speech was slurred and her eyes were bloodshot as well, according to reports. Officers also noticed the smell of alcohol seemed to be coming from her person. When asked what had happened, she reportedly said that officers need not worry and that she already spoken with her neighbor and she was going to take care of everything.

She was asked if she had been drinking and she reportedly admitted that she had. When asked to perform a field sobriety test, she refused and allegedly told the officers that the test was "impossible to pass, even if a person had nothing to drink."

She quickly changed her mind and agreed to the tests but was unable to complete them correctly. She was arrested and transported to the Newton County Detention Center where she was charged with DUI less safe and reckless driving. Her driver’s license was suspended as well.