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Grateful dad shares his story
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Tim Dabney, a single father of Covington, glowed with pride as he searched for a photo of his son and daughter in his phone. He recounts nights during which they watch "Smallville" to satisfy their Superman addiction.

Dabney's son Elisha, a rising junior, is a typical teenage boy. Dabney describes 16-year-old Elisha as being a talented drummer. Dabney envisions his son teaching in some sort of capacity when he grows up. He said Elisha is the type to befriend people whom other people might bully or leave behind.

"He's probably more mature now than I was when I went to college, in terms of what he thinks and how he thinks," said Dabney.

His daughter Rachel, is a bubbly 12-year-old girl who loves animals and is everybody's friend.

"Some people can tell a joke, but Rachel can figure out one word that will make everybody laugh. She doesn't even have to try. She has a natural sense of humor," said Dabney. "She'll grow up to help people in some way."

Dabney grew up in a single-parent home with his mother, so he never knew what it was like to have a relationship with his father as a teenager. He has been figuring things out as time goes on, even through the unexpected, like when he and his wife went through a divorce.

He shares custody with his ex-wife and he has the children Sunday through Wednesday. He said he is sad when he sees them go, but Rachel, he said, will leave little notes all over the house for him saying how much she loves him.

"I have great kids. My children are extremely intelligent. They have great discernment when it comes to the issues that come with divorce," said Dabney.

This Father's Day, Dabney, Elisha and Rachel will be going to Bullritos, a Mexican restaurant in Covington. The family will celebrate not just Father's Day but the children's good grades from their last semester in school.

"A father's place is important," said Dabney. "Of course they need to think about the financial responsibility, but what a little boy wants and what a little girl wants is for you to spend time with them."

Dabney said as a parent he strives to create an environment where his kids can feel safe and talk to him about anything. He realized his place as a consultant, not just being a father.

"If they need somebody, if they need a safe place, my house is that safe place - no matter what that house looks like," said Dabney. "I'm just glad for my two kids. All the bad stuff that can be said about a divorce, I'm very grateful that God has given me these two kids. I'd do the whole marriage over again just for them."