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Domestic dispute lands 2 in jail
Man allegedly struck by chair wielding woman
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Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to an apartment in the Magnolia Heights complex in the early morning hours of July 22 when a concerned citizen alerted them to a domestic disturbance.

Officers arrived and knocked on the door of the apartment in question. After several knocks, 28-year-old Danyale Boswell came to the door. When asked if everything was alright inside the home and if he was alone, he reportedly told officers that everything was fine. He also allegedly said that a female friend was in the home with him. Boswell allegedly agreed to allow officers entry to the home to speak with the female who was outside on the porch.

When officers walked inside the apartment they noticed bloodspots all over the living room carpet, according to reports. There were blood spots on the walls, kitchen sink and bathroom sink, as well as a broken chair, table and a small hole in the wall of the living room hall.

While making their way to the porch officers reportedly noticed 39-year-old Yolanda Ingram in the living room. She was allegedly holding a towel to her lips and applying pressure in an attempt to stop them from bleeding. There was also a large amount of blood on Ingram’s blouse, according to reports.

After taking in the state of Ingram and the apartment, officers placed Boswell in handcuffs until they could figure out just what had happened that morning. According to Ingram, she was in the apartment with Boswell when another woman who has a child with Boswell reportedly came inside the home.

Ingram allegedly told officers that she asked the woman if she was still intimately involved with Boswell and she reportedly told Ingram that she was. Ingram allegedly admitted to becoming angry at this point and slapping Boswell in the face, which upset Boswell and instigated the fight.

The mother of Boswell’s child reportedly told officers that when she arrived at the apartment she found Boswell and Ingram in a compromising situation. She allegedly said that Ingram began cursing at Boswell at this time which upset him. He reportedly began choking Ingram and that in retaliation Ingram struck him about the body.

She also allegedly told officers that she had attempted to break the fight up but became stuck in the middle. She also attempted to call the police, according to reports, but found that the battery in her cell phone had died. According to police, she told them that during the fight Ingram struck Boswell with a chair.

Boswell reportedly concurred, saying the fight began with a confrontation between the two women.

Ingram had a laceration on her top lip and EMS treated her on the scene. She reportedly refused to be transported to the hospital for treatment. Both Boswell and Ingram were arrested and transported to the Newton County Detention Center. Each was charged with battery (Family Violence Act).