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Covington woman robbed at gunpoint
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A Covington woman said she was robbed at gunpoint early Sunday morning at her Lakeview Drive home was invaded by three unidentified men.

Police are investigating the case; however, the woman was unable to identify either the alleged robbers or the weapons they used, because she said she kept her head down out of fear during the entire robbery, according to a report from the Covington Police Department.

The only item that was reported as stolen for certain was a large, flat screen TV from Rent-A-Center, believed to be worth approximately $1,000. The robbers also opened up a safe and searched through clothing, according to the report, but it's unknown if they stole anything else.

Officers responded to the call around 12:30 a.m. Sunday morning, and when they arrived, they were flagged down by a man and woman who directed them to a mother sitting in a vehicle with her two-year-old daughter. The mother was crying loudly and breathing rapidly in a frantic state and told police that three men kicked in her door and robbed her at gunpoint.

She had police follow her back home, but then told police she wanted to go to her mother's house until they cleared the area. After police searched the Lakeview Drive home, they went to retrieve the victim and escorted her back to her home where they interviewed her.

She told police she was asleep in her room with her daughter when she was awakened by a loud noise. She said all the lights were off and the room was only lit up by the TV.

She said a white glove holding a gun appeared in her doorway and a male told her not to move. She said she went from the bed to the floor. The male told her to get up and then approached her and held a gun to her head and walked her into the hallway. She said her daughter woke up and began crying in the bed and the man told her to get her daughter and then held her at gunpoint in the hallway again with her daughter in her arms.

The man asked her where the safe was and she pointed to the first bedroom on the left, but told him nothing was there. She said the man directed her to the living room and told her to sit on the couch. Another man held her at gunpoint while she was on the couch and the man went to the bedroom to check the safe. A third man remained at the front door as a lookout during the invasion.

She said her daughter began crying again and the man in the room with the safe became angry and told her several times to tell her daughter to shut up. She said the man took her phone and asked if she had called the police while she was on the floor. The woman told the man she did not have any time to call anyone. The three men then left out the front door.

The woman waited several minutes and then ran out the side door with her daughter and got in her car. She said she left and headed down Washington Street and flagged down the first vehicle she came upon.

According to the report, when police cleared and secured the residence, they observed the lower portion of the front door was kicked in, but still locked and the side door left open.

Police reported that the blinds were torn down in the living room and it appeared a TV had been removed from the TV stand because a cable cord was pulled and leading to the front door.

Police said the first bedroom had a strong presence of marijuana and men's clothes were pulled from the closet and removed from a large plastic bin.

They reported that a safe was open next to the closet, which they said contained pieces of marijuana at the bottom. Police said they found small plastic bags on the floor near the safe. They also said several children's toys were on the floor. Police said there was no bed or furniture in the room.

Police checked the second bedroom of the house. They said a roll of clear packaging tape was seen on the middle of the bed. Police also said dresser drawers were opened and items were scattered as if they had been searched. Officers also reported that a Chevrolet Monte Carlo was in the driveway.

The woman told police that the safe belonged to her daughter's father whom she had an on and off relationship with. She said he came over to stay with her from time to time. She told police that the Monte Carlo in the driveway belonged to a male friend and he parked the car there earlier that evening.

The safe and roll of tape were taken as evidence.