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City: commercial vehicles OK in neighborhoods
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Mike McGiboney can still park his semi-truck cab in his parent’s driveway on King Street and will likely be able to for a long time.

The Covington City Council on Monday voted 4-2 against enacting a stricter residential parking ordinance that would have banned larger commercial vehicles from parking in residential neighborhoods. Councilwomen Janet Goodman and Hawnethia Williams opposed dropping the ordinance.

Multiple council members said McGiboney’s situation influenced their decision. His mother, Martha, spoke against the measure before the council on Sept. 8.

Her son’s employer, Cedar Creek, is located in Dalton and he needs to have the semi in Covington. His irregular schedule allows him only limited time at home, plus he is often on call; in addition, he and his wife own only one personal vehicle. Getting a ride to and from Dalton would have been a hardship.

"I see this as a victory for the working man," Martha McGiboney said on Tuesday. "We were speaking for everybody this ordinance would have touched."

The proposed ordinance would have prevented the parking of large commercial vehicles outside of residences or on public right-of-ways in the zonings of NR-1, NR-2, NR-3, CR and TCR.

Councilmen Keith Dalton, Chris Smith and Mike Whatley said they didn’t want to jeopardize the jobs of any workers, like welders, delivery men and truck drivers.

Smith said he only wanted to prevent these vehicles from parking on city streets. Dalton added that he did not want to see large trailers in residential areas.

City Attorney Ed Crudup will write an ordinance to reflect the changes. Mayor Kim Carter said she didn’t agree with allowing construction equipment to be parked in residential areas, and Goodman questioned how many workers would actually be affected.

The council is expected to vote on a first reading of a revised ordinance at its first meeting in October.