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Candidate Q&A: Chris Smith
Candidate Q&A

The News: What does being a council member mean to you?
Chris Smith

Smith: It means being a friend to the taxpayer.  While on the council I have consistently fought to keep taxes from increasing, we have taken a roll back rate and reduced the millage since I have been elected.  I have stood beside our public safety and assured them that they have 100 percent support from me.  I have listened to the people, done my homework and done my very best to make good informed decisions.

The News: With recent discussion in the city revolving around proposed alcohol ordinances, if the topic is revisited will you vote for it or against it? What lead you to make that decision? 

Smith: I did my job, which was to listen to the people I represent.  I heard overwhelmingly that people do not like this proposed ordinance.  A constituent of mine actually had a petition of more than 400 people that live in Covington/Newton County who were against this ordinance.  So I did what I felt was right for the city, the issue was discussed extensively now we need to move on to other important issues facing the city.

The News: Where do you see the City of Covington in four years? If elected, what are your goals for the four years you’re in office?

Smith: I see Covington continuing to be a big player in the state.  I want us to grow through industry, commercial and housing while working hard to increase our per capita.  I would like to see Central Park be successful, along with other parks in town.  Also I will pledge to continue to support our public safety by continuing to add additional police officers per the Chief’s request, Have the best firefighting equipment for our men, and 911 with the latest technology available.  I have done that for the past eight years, and will continue to do so if you the voters see fit.

The News: How can city residents reach you if they have more questions?

Smith: I can be reached on my cell at 770-560-2903 or via email at  It has been my pleasure and honor to serve you these past eight years, and look forward to four more.  I ask for your support and re-elect me Chris Smith Nov. 7.